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    Announcement    The official Etsy shop of indie multimedia artist Matthew L. Hornbostel and his network of websites (Triumphant Artists)


    Last updated on Apr 19, 2016

    The official Etsy shop of indie multimedia artist Matthew L. Hornbostel and his network of websites (Triumphant Artists)


    I make beautiful original handmade artworks, and ship them to you at low prices!

    I [was] a Texas resident, a Phi Kappa Phi graduate of University of Houston, and became an Eagle Scout, I've been making art for the past 20 years, from 3D art to videos to video games to traditional handmade work. I've got a number of other venues and have a stellar and well-established reputation as a vendor so far elsewhere even if my Etsy reputation has yet to match some of my other shops. I make great things, unique things, by hand and with substantial personal creative effort, and sell them here at very reasonable pricing. There are no knockoffs here; the items are hand painted or hand drawn and absolutely real, and they will arrive at the buyer's location within two weeks. If they don't I'm perfectly happy to refund the purchase. I know Etsy [the company] is short staffed and does not always adequately respond to customer complaints, but I will try to be an honest vendor [regardless of how well they do].

    Note to customers as of April 2017: There was a local Houston, TX event on April 22, at the Redeemer Lutheran church on 5700 Lawndale, during which certain artworks were sold, including the "easter chick" and the colored pencil "kitten in flower garden". Such events pop up from time to time and often the items will sell locally if online buyers fail to purchase them first. So I strongly advise anyone debating a purchase here to make a decision fairly quickly, before the item sells to someone else (locally or online). Otherwise the unique, handcrafted item may be gone for good. This has happened a number of times, an NYC themed artwork in oil pastel was pulled from this Etsy shop in December 2016 and will never again be available here because it was sold at a local event. (Vineyard church of Houston Art Market). So don't be surprised if a few items shown here vanish for good from time to time. This will only accelerate once positive ratings start to appear on this Etsy shop the way they've been piling up on my eBay shop! On eBay (seller mtthornb) I have over 350 ratings, 100% of them positive, and as those ratings have accumulated the final sale prices have gone gradually upwards.

    If you want a great deal on my work now is a great time and Etsy is a fantastic place; in fact, to jumpstart my Etsy shop right now I am launching an enormous sale on the items here from April 26 to May 10 - dropping all my Etsy prices by 20% in hopes of extending my stellar reputation on eBay to Etsy as well. And during this sale a few new items will be posted too! Great opportunity for anyone browsing this shop right now!
    Edit, March 2019 - I'm now in Pennsylvania and this shop's been vacant for some time. But it will have a bunch of new items listed shortly.

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