MaybeInnocent's Shop Announcement

❤☆❤☆❤☆❤ I AM SORRY... ❤☆❤☆❤☆❤

I am extremely sorry but because of some serious, personal problems (hospital) I will be a little bit slow with answering to letters. For now I can not accept commissions from different sizes as I mentioned below (my doll's measurements). Thank you for your understanding!

Have a very nice day, and thank you for all of your support 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

❤☆❤☆❤☆❤ New Kitty Hoodie for BJDs / dolls ❤☆❤☆❤☆❤
I decided to continue working on animal hoodies - such as kitty hoodies. I will list most of them in regular MSD size, but if you need different, please contact me.

I have model for the following:
☆ regular YOSD
☆ DollChateau's old Kid MSD type (both girl and boy version)
☆ DollChateau's old boy adult
☆ DollChateau's new boy adult
☆ regular SD
☆ and boy Soom Super Gem

Coming soon:
☆ Pukipuki size

(☆ Feeple60
I don't own these types, but I made some pattern in the past).