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I've gotten completely bogged under again, so I'm closing orders till I catch up.

If your order is outstanding, I still have every intention of fulfilling it.

I won't be opening again until this is under control.

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MayoWare's Shop Announcement

MayoWare is happy to offer helix piercing cartilage cuff and stud earrings in the gauges most common for initial (as in not-stretched) cartilage piercings, as well as full ear cuffs which can be secured in the same piercings. If you are not sure what gauge you were pierced with, consult your piercer. Custom requests welcome!!!

For health and safety reasons, each MayoWare cartilage earring, begins with a commercially available surgical steel barbell, in your choice of 18, 16 or 14 gauge. These are the most common initial hole sizes for cartilage piercings. If you are unsure what gauge you were pierced at, consult the location which performed the piercing, or bring existing jewelry to a reputable piercer to be checked for size. If you were pierced with a gun (which I really don't recommend,) then your hole may be 18 or 20 gauge. If it is 20 gauge, MayoWare will not fit your piercing. MayoWare does NOT advocate the stretching of cartilage.

The cuff portions of my earrings are created with colored copper wire. This does not pose the same reaction trouble as putting copper thru the ear, (especially as the color coating is acrylic, and many brighter colors are silver plated before that for shine) but may still irritate those with high sensitivity.

If you have sensitivities, I recommended the silvered wire colors. Silver, Blue, Aqua, Pink and Violet. If there's any question as to whether a detail wire color is silvered, feel free to convo for exact specifications, color substitutions for allergy, or any other reasons are no charge.

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