Mayuly's Shop Announcement

Here is how Signature Covers came to be. Years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a great gift for Christmas. She wrapped up an office planner and thoughtfully added all birthdates for the entire circle of family and friends, I promised her I would keep it and use it in my daily life. Well, that promise was a bit harder to keep.

Signature Covers was created out of one specific need, to keep my agenda with me at all
times. As a busy sales associate, I was always on the run from shop to clients to warehouse. And, as a young mother of a beautiful baby girl, it seemed my handbag kept getting bigger and bigger each month, and my planner kept getting smaller and smaller, harder to find in that handbag of mine.

Needless to say out of necessity came invention. First,it was the cover with handles and as creativity led me the cover became a handbag. This product offers you dependability in a very fashionable way. Notes, appointments, birthdays, personal info. will always be at your fingertips. You can easily enjoy your favorite book without taking it out of your purse!!

Now a busy mom of two I totaly depend on this product to help me keep me and my family as organized as it can be. And that as we all know is a tall order.
You can have your own quick desk on your lap while your sit at your kid’s games, finish your bills, make your next appointments and even keep track of your kids projects and testing days. It is as easy as unzipping your handbag.

Signature Covers offers you a chance to be you, customize your work or play wardrobe as you like. No more business dinner appointments with the same office planner cover, ever again!!