Gothic Stained Glass Candle Holders & Paintings

The Medieval Light Company studio window, crowded with glass!
Candle lamps being made in the studio.
Portrait painting on the studio porch. :)
Tip of the iceberg--so many supplies!
When I'm not busy in the studio, I'm in the reading parlor.

The Medieval Light Company Story

June Ponte

One of the artist's earliest memories is being surrounded by her mother's sculptures and watercolors. As a young child who'd lost her mother at the age of seven, June began to have visions and metaphysical experiences that continued into adulthood. Her mother had been an artist and psychic reader; June didn't realize how much like her mother she would come to be.
The artwork her mother left behind became a way for the child artist to connect with her mother. June is of Portuguese heritage; after the death of her mother, June was sent to live with her devoutly religious grandmother, and raised in a traditional Portuguese household. The women in her family played an important spiritual part in her personal and creative growth.
Every Sunday morning, June's grandparents would take her to six o'clock mass at St. Michael's Monastery in Union City, NJ, where she was mesmerized by the richly colored and painted Victorian era stained glass windows. The young artist was lost in a daydream of color, light and music.
June grew up hearing stories about her grandfather who used a fountain pen to draw schooners on her grandmother’s white linen tablecloths. From as far back as the 1800’s, her family was known for their creative eccentricities…in Portugal, family members would exchange clothing and put on plays in their home. As a child, June knew she was an artist too. One of her first drawings was of her dog, made using a burnt matchstick on the inside of a matchbook cover.
June briefly attended Jersey City State College and the School of Visual Arts; she is mainly self-taught. Years later, the artist's skills and spiritual experiences and skills grew and flourished through the study of painting, psychic work and spiritual mediumship. The artist has blended her esoteric vision with her love of colored glass and painting. June offers psychic and spiritual medium services for clients in Lafayette, NJ,
The artist creates Gothic stained glass windows and candle holders,portraits of historical figures, fantasy paintings with underlying themes of environmental and anti-war sentiment, and paintings laced with mystic symbolism, evolving from her work as a spiritual medium.
June Ponte's artwork has appeared in the Now Gallery, NYC, Window Box Gallery, NYC, True Fakes Gallery, NYC, O-Roe Electric Art Space, Hoboken, City Without Walls, Newark, NJ, and the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Gallery in Newton, NJ. She is also the author and illustrator of nine children’s craft books, recently published by Enslow Publishers.

June Ponte
June Ponte
owner, maker, designer, Artist
Artist, artisan, author, and psychic medium.

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