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Paintings, Fine Art Jewelry and Greeting Cards

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New Holiday 2018 Items Being Added Mid-November

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Frequently asked questions
How to remove pastel paintings from protective plastic bags

Do not remove pastel paintings from their protective plastic bags until framed.

It's best to bring your painting to the framer while still inside the bag and have them remove the plastic just before placing the painting into the frame.

When it is time to remove the painting from the bag, cut the edges of the bag and lift the plastic off the surface of the pastel. Do not remove the painting by opening the flap and sliding it out of the bag. This could damage the surface of the pastel.

How should I care for my pastel painting

Pastels should not be placed in areas where water or high humidity could damage them.

To be protect your original art for generations to come, it should be kept in areas with stable temperature and humidity levels. It also a good idea to avoid hanging any original artwork in direct sunlight.

What is pastel? Is is chalk?

Pastel is pure pigment, the same pigment used to make other mediums such as oil and watercolor, just without the oils and binders in those mediums.

Pastel is not chalk. Pastel is an archival professional artist medium, chalk is not.

The colors are so vibrant, I though pastel meant the colors were light?

Although both are called pastel, the pale colors that you might think of when you hear the word "pastel" is different from the pastels you paint with.

It's like the word neon- you could have neon colored shirt or a neon sign. The shirt is a bright color, but the sign could be dark red.

Pastels that you paint with come in a full range of colors, from deep rich dark shades to vibrant neons and yes, even light "pastel" colors.
The name is based on the French word for "paste", which refers to the consistency of pastel sticks when they are made.

Do you have any suggestions on how to frame my pastel?

Frame it under museum glass. Museum glass offers 99% protection from harmful UV light, it also eliminates an amazing amount of reflection. Often people can't even tell there's glass over the painting!

Can I swim or bathe while wearing jewelry?

Please remove jewelry before swimming and bathing.

Do you paint the jewelry with pastel?

The jewelry is made from prints of my pastel paintings. I don't use pastel directly on the jewelry.

Do you take custom jewelry orders?

Not at this time. I put a lot of thought into selecting the size, shape and finish I believe best suits the image I'm working with.

What is your copyright policy?

All items, artwork, designs and photographs appearing in this shop are the exclusive intellectual property of the artist Meg Bandarra. The copyright remains with the artist, even after purchase. Customers may not reproduce artwork or other items they've purchased. They are for personal use only. Photographs cannot be used without permission.