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2 months

We’ve teamed up with our favorite Etsy shops! Enter at the link below for your chance to win a Dinosaur Birthday Party Package! https://www.rawrdesignsbyc.com/birthday-giveaway-2019?fbclid=IwAR09xIxWMLDIxAuMfPaVk5C_KFO9v1u3T85YOWW8BuP_5pkmGWF4W0v8B4k

2 years

Working on some mini pinatas and piggy banks for the upcoming Ladybug Tradeshow in Swift Current May 6th at the Stockade Building.

3 years

Here's a sneak peek at another Halloween pinata getting listed in the shop soon.

3 years

Pinatas are taking over my house. But I have exciting news - Megan's Pinatas will have some ready made pinatas available for purchase at The Restless Gypsy in Saskatoon starting October 1st!!

3 years

New listings up in the shop, including this little guy. #totoro #myneighbortotoro