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I Shall Wear Midnight
evoking the Ancients
blushing brides
moonstone magic
ancient Roman glass designs

A Fairy Tale Forest of Witch Hats, Enchanted Jewelry, and Flowers for the Hair

In my shop you will find witchy fantasies, talismans and urban gypsy designs, archaeology and history, mythology and fairy tale reveries.

I've always been a Maker, but when I made my first witch hat I realized I needed to change my path; I veered off the paved trail of corporate sidewalks to trek through The Wildwood.

Mermaiden Creations has grown and evolved over the years out of a compulsive need to create and articulate the current of ideas flowing into my head. My muses are many, but I can always count on some good channeling from nature, music, something ancient, or a fantastic bit of writing.

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Julie Ferioli
For me, creating is an exercise in magic. I find the polarity of weird beauty fascinating, as well as the combination of things dark and light. I don't *do* perfect. The raw organic imperfections in the world are the essence of beauty.

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