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A labor of love, just for you!

Brandy's dad was a leatherworker in the 70's & 80's with his own traveling shop, he set up in amusement parks and made custom belts, jewelry and more for the happy tourists! "I remember riding all the rides for free and reading books behind the counter of my parents shop... what else could an 8 year old want in life? "

Now Brandy has taken to making leather goods herself, "I love taking my ideas and melding them with my customer's - creating something truly unique for the special people in their lives!"

At Mesa Dreams Leather Goods, We love all things travel - Brandy has lived in 31 places in 34 years, a born nomad! Shop pups Layla and Tupelo have lived in 9 states in their 10 years and happily stare out the car window watching the world go by on road trips..

Shop favorites custom include guitar straps, funky leather accessories including hair pins and one of a kind pendants, camera straps, wallets, luggage tags and SO MUCH MORE!

We always welcome custom requests, let's get collaborating!
Brandy Kayzakian-Rowe
owner, maker, designer, curator, e-mail writer, customer service-r
I found the West and found myself. My wandering led me here and now I'm happy. My travels fuel my leather work - my work is for those who know what the whispering voice of the road sounds like..
Djerek Kayzakian-Rowe
owner, business and customer service guy
Tupelo the wonder pup
Shop Mascot
Shop Mascot

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