MetaForceHipBelts' Shop Announcement

We Ship Worldwide to bring utility to Festivals everywhere!

Bohemian Rockstar hip bags, belt bags & waist purses impeccably styled and designed to give you the perfect 100% genuine leather hip accessory (minimally processed) to stash your stuff or strut around town, however you like to wear it - on a festival dancefloor, playa or around the city...we make them with one goal only - Built to Last!

MetaForce’s first designs were characterized by vibrant colors of leather and suede, decorated with Tibetan and Hindu symbols, stones, fringe and other flourishes. Over time, we refined these earthy designs with higher-quality finishes & materials, and sturdier constructions - but we kept the edgy, unique quality of our designs intact. Metaforce always endeavored to pair bohemian beauty with functionality: our clients needed only the most useful – and most unique – fashion accessories. The birth of the "hip bag", as its called today had begun.

We were lucky to be part of a global movement of musicians, producers, designers, filmmakers, dancers, visual artists & creative thinkers who gained inspiration from one another. Goa was our second home base, where we found each other each winter to replenish our creative pursuits. During the rest of the year, a circuit of music, art, film & technology festivals across the globe kept our feet moving and our minds engaged. These hip belt bags & bohemian-inspired utitlity accessories graced the hips of party goers & festive spirits from the dancefloor to the beaches.

Our passion for the work grew alongside the expansion of our clientele from Goa to Brooklyn to Burning Man. We found no greater satisfaction than the smiles on our clients’ faces: we saw that our boho-chic fashion ideas complemented their lifestyles just as it did ours, going hand-in-hand with the adventure, music and community that we loved.

With the encouragement of these loyal clients, our family & a wide circle of friends, we decided to open our doors to the world. Going global was a big commitment: we wanted to get the formula right. We sought out top-end leather and suede, processed in healthy tanneries, and ensured that our production facility conformed to global regulations governing fair labor and environmental sustainability.

Today, we maintain our own contracted production facility, where we continue to work with local designers & craftspeople – but MetaForce is now based permanently in Brooklyn, NY. Known for its many pockets of creativity, Brooklyn struck us as the perfect place for MetaForce to expand its scope and reach, fertilized by new ideas and inspirations. We found a city welcoming new talent, where people from all over the globe dedicated themselves to perfecting their art.

Now we find ourselves smack in the middle of a delicious Goa-Brooklyn love affair, looking forward to letting the sparks fly.

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