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Dreamcatchers, Yarn Art, Original Nature Photography

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Patricia Tyrcha

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Patricia Tyrcha

Announcement    Welcome to my Grand Opening! Items will be added often, so check back and feel the love!


Last updated on Jun 27, 2019

Welcome to my Grand Opening! Items will be added often, so check back and feel the love!


That warm, lively feeling of experiencing beauty is my inspiration.

What I love most about my work is getting to spend my day immersed in a creative process that is both nurturing to my heart and soothing to my psyche; making art is exactly what I was intended to do in this life.

Some artists feel great attachment to their work but I am not one of them; as soon as a piece tells me it's complete, I am ready for it to go out into the world and bring the same peace and loveliness it brought to me during its inception. There is MUCH more where that came from; the more I make, the more creativity and inspiration arises and it can be tricky to harness at times but oh, what a problem to have!

It was most important to me to avoid store-bought craft feathers and I initially thought I could use feathers from the wild. Enter the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1912, implemented to protect over-hunting and poaching of our amazing winged friends. The feathers of most native and migrating species are illegal to possess, regardless of where they came from. This reality set me off on the adventure of discovering domesticated species of birds, not covered in the law. I've found the most luxurious and pristine and absolutely gorgeous feathers! Some are from homesteaders selling here on Etsy, some from local wild flocks of peacocks and Turkey, and some from family friends raising chickens in their backyard.

All of the not~wild birds are well~cared for, frolicking in the hills and creeks where they live (or the vast lawn and brush of backyard bliss). This practice adds a bit to my cost of production, but the energies of vibrant, living birds become an integral aspect of my dreamcatchers. It's heartbreaking what factory birds endure; and your purchase helps support small family farms who treat the birds with respect and even love. Some of the breeds are even heritage, as in the case of the Tufted American Buff Geese from Blue Tooth Hollow Heritage Farm in Silver Point, TN, and farms raising heritage breeds need all the support we can give!

The yarn, beads, crystals, and precious stones I use come from all over. Some of my pieces feature a hand~made focal bead, typically lampwork glass, and I feature the artist in the item description. Again, your purchase helps support some truly gifted artisans who are sharing their skill and talent so generously!

The purpose of my art in any form, dream catcher, photograph, mural, etc, is to elicit some of the grounding, healing, and nurturing emotions we experience in nature. There is the occasional flight of fancy in a mermaid or Pegasus adorned dream catcher for sure; my inner child is alive and well and thriving! But for the most part, it's the way sunlight changes over the course of the day and with it, the landscape; the flower; the face of a loved one. It's the soothing sunrise, the misty morning, the bold rainbow, the release of twilight that stir human souls with wonder, comfort, and energy.

It's my wish that my art inspires anyone who sees it. And if a piece truly touches you, it's my hope you'll want to make it your own! But no purchase is necessary to feel that warm, lively feeling of letting art move you.

Thank you for reading, for stopping by, and if I can answer any questions, please reach out! I love my work and know it deeply.

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    Quiet & creative all my life, it's the exquisite present moment, especially the transformative role of natural light in nature that inspires my art. My aim is to elicit and amplify the positive emotions of being in nature and experiencing beauty.

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