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I’m passionate about making beautiful leather goods with a high degree of quality and style.

It all began back in 1989...
As an avid outdoorsman growing up in western Michigan, I began collecting knives when I was a kid. Most of the knives I had bought back then didn't come with sheaths, and just before dear season of 1989 I decided to make a sheath for my favorite hunting knife. I bought a few of the basic tools from Tandy Leather Company, along with a thick piece of vegetable tanned leather. The sheath was very basic and functional, but not too pretty. Since I had the tools, I started making more sheaths for my other knives and subsequently got better and better at it. That's how my passion of leather crafting began, which has now turned into an obsession. Just ask my wife! She's always complaining about the newest leather tools I buy, as well as the expense of the high quality leather I stricktly use. Everything I make is completely handmade and hand sewn, or Saddle Stitched.

Hobby Turned Business...
What had been a passionate hobby has now turned into a business. I own and operate two other businesses, New Way Hearing Aids, Inc., and Michael Knapp & Associates. After making hundreds of leather gifts and personal items, many people kept asking me to make something for them and that they'd pay for it. It really wasn't my intention to do leather crafting as a business, but with all the requests for various handmade leather items I kept receiving, I thought the time had come. That's how Michael Knapp Leather started, and now I'm making and shipping my leatherwork all over the world. My favorite leather items to make are my various styles of Wallets. But my real speciality are Full Grain Leather Placemats. Nobody else really does these. They are very time consuming, and a lot of leather and materials are used in order to make them, which means they aren't cheap. However, I guarantee them for a lifetime!

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Frequently asked questions
Why do your Placemats cost so much?

These are cut out of 1/4” thick, 10 to 12oz., double shoulder hide. I have to use between 18 to 22 sq.ft. of hide to cut out each placemat. That costs me around $200.00. After each piece is cut, typically 12”x17,” they go through a number of steps. The surfaces have to be cleaned. Embossing is done next, and after that they go through 3 coats of dye that’s allowed to dry each time. I use about $40.00 worth of dye on a set of six Placemats. I then bevel the edges, sand them smooth, apply an edge coat, and hand burnish that in. It then takes me hours to stitch each set. I next rub in 3 coast of an acrylic sealer over every inch of each one. Lastly, I adhear a 1/16” to 1/8” neoprene backing to protect your table, which costs $25.00.

Why don’t you accept cancellations?

Due to the fact that all the items I sell are custom handmade to order, and that I am the one originally paying for all the materials, as well as the time of my craftsmanship, I do not accept any cancellations once an order is placed. If, for some unforeseen reason, you are absolutely unsatisfied with your order upon arrival, please ship the item back within 21 days of delivery for a full refund, or exchange. All of my products come with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee as to the materials, stitching, and craftsmanship.

Do you offer free samples of the leather colors?

No. I’ve been asked this a few times, where folks have wanted me to send them samples of the dye colors on small pieces of leather to help them decide which color will work best for their item(s). Since each Vegetable Tanned Leather Hide is completely unique, dyes will react differently when applied. Sometimes a Dark Blue dye will come out looking almost black on certain hides. Because I run my leather business all by myself, and I also own and operate two other businesses, I simply don’t have the time to do something like this. The customer takes full responsibility as to the color(s) selected. The Horween Chromexcel Leathers I use are already pre-dyed at the tannery. I use Horween’s #8 Burgundy, Royal Blue, and Black Chromexcel Leather.

Why does the leather color not exactly match what I ordered?

Leather is a natural product, and therefore is never a “perfect” product. Dye colors can react differently from animal hide to hide. The vegetable tanning process differs from each tannery as well. The number of coats of dye will also affect the final color of the product. I typically put three (3) coats of dye on everything I make that’s veg tanned. I do everything I can to match up the color selected that’s been ordered, but this also means it could arrive a little lighter or darker in color than expected. Sometime there may also be an indentation, scratch, or brand in the leather. That’s because we are dealing with an animal that was once alive and could have rubbed up against a barbed wire fence, had a tick, or had even been branded.