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IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ before buying:

1- OUR LEATHER CORD is a natural lead free dyed Indian leather and each batch I receive, on occasions, varies in color and / or thickness / Stiffness so it may not always be a perfect match to the colors / thickness / softness or stiffness you previously received or shown on listing, therefore we cannot offer consistency as we do not receive consistency. IE: The Red 2mm is thicker, stiffer and not as supple than other colors - Also because of this type of natural dye, the color may at time crack with tight knots w/ the 1mm cords - I offer the leather and suede cords on Grid listings so you can pick several colors / qty from a single listing and I offer the same in individual listings so you have a better view of the actual color. For any length above 10 yards, please inquire about availability.

2- FAUX SUEDE and other CORDS: There're occasional factory knots or tapes on leather / faux suede / cords length of 4 yards or more so if you need continuous length, please let us know via convo message or don't get it here as I cannot guaranty continuity on such length. All Faux Suede, waxed and other cords may vary a bit in size / color / texture relative to each other of same size / color and from previous orders / spools, it is not a factory defect but just an natural inconsistency occurrence in manufacturing depending on the dye/ color used. IE our new 2mm Korea cords vary +/- 0.3mm - So, if you need 100% consistency with previous order, please do not buy from my shop as I never get consistency in the products I buy / resell. Also, this cord is dyed and should not get wet or chewed as it may stain. For any length above 25 yards, please inquire about availability.

3- ALL METAL / GEMSTONE / Freshwater pearls / Glass charms, beads / tubes / findings may on occasion, very slightly vary in color, size or shape from your previous order - Most charms and metal beads specially antiqued silver color are manufactured in China and we noticed some tiny bubbles, dark spots, non smooth surface of charms, reddish hue color or such variances as well - it is not a factory defect or inconsistency but just a natural (manufacturing) occurrence when I receive new orders of the same products so we cannot offer you consistency relative to a previous order. When the color variation is greater than 20%, I reshoot the picture to give you a truer visual of the product. Also note that most "Gold" alloy beads or charms tend to tarnish / change color quite fast - For glass pearl beads there may be a slight variation in color among different sizes. All charms and beads are factory direct, so it is a good idea to clean / rinse before use - All freshwater pearls are genuine but bleached or dyed for the colored ones.

4- TARNISHING: All metal, including Sterling silver, plated or colored will tarnish at some point unless treated w/ anti tarnishing - The question is at what rate, degree and speed will it tarnish: dunno, as it depends on many environmental and other factors - However, if it happens, using the same liquid cleaner used for Sterling helps revive the color - we do not sell non tarnishing metal beads.

5- PICTURES: They are all enlarged to show details so not reflective of actual size - Color may vary according to monitor - Also, as I am not a professional photographer, the images may not reflect all the details or such, so in doubt, please do not buy as we don't want you to be disappointed.

6- MISTAKES FROM MichouBeads: On very rare occasions we may make a little woopsie in your order and send you (for example) qty 1 instead of qty 2 or such because we placed more attention into getting your order rushed out - If this happens, please send us a message and we'll fix it, however, if it is "Fundamental" for you to deal with a "Business", we are not "it" - We're only Etsy jewelry designers having fun buying material in bulk and simply sharing with our friends and other fellow designers - Hope you love everything you see in our shop!

7- USPS Shipping - Please see our shipping policies - We ship 1st class Usps unless you get an upgrade from the shop - Note that during holiday seasons, Usps, occasionally gets a bit delayed in deliveries which we are not responsible for.

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Thank you, Have FUN!

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