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MiddleburySoapCo's Shop Announcement

Hand-crafted low-lye content soaps that are vegan friendly! Great smelling, nourishing to the skin, 5.5 to 6 ounces each with green packaging. Shipping included in the price!

Middlebury Soap Company makes soap in small batches by hand in both Middlebury, Indiana (Middlebury Soap Company bars) and Frankfort, Michigan (the Frankfort bars carry Sleeping Bear Soaps labels).

We make the soaps using the cold process method of soap, so the natural, moisturizing glycerin stays in the bars. To our basic soap recipe of olive, coconut and soybean oil, we add the lye solution at 84% of what the recipe calls for. This allows for the bars to harden (all hard bars of soap use lye to create the chemical process that turns them into bars instead of liquid), yet be as gentle as possible to the skin.

Although the process of curing negates the lye in bars of soap, we feel that the less lye, the milder the bar. Our bars will sometimes feel softer to the touch than others, and you are often able to feel the oils in the bar. That's just how we want it!

Will low-lye bars last as long? Yes, if they are properly drained between each use. All handcrafted soap can "gel" if left sitting in water. The gel washes away quickly, and can melt the bar away. The key to having these bars last the longest is to let them dry completely...even take them out of the humid bathroom if need be--before the next shower.

We feel quality ingredients and simplicity of our recipe makes a great bar of soap!

After cutting, the bars are allowed a cure-time (to air-dry) of 6 weeks before being hand-beveled, wrapped in tissue, then in kraft brown sacks. The sacks are then tied with 3-ply jute.

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In addition to working green (all soap ingredient containers are recycled) and striving for no-waste business practices, Middlebury Soap Company philosophy is that basic bath products can be an affordable luxury, and the bath needs to be given its due! After all, A soak in a sudsy tub is every bit as therapeutic as fine chocolate or wine. Thank you for visiting our shop!

10% of sales donated to dog rescue and local food pantries.

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