MidnightGypsy's Shop Announcement


Roll-On bottles are currently unavailable while I sort out a quality control issue with my supplier. In the meantime, the 5ml amber bottles with reducer caps are available, as well as the new solid version of the majority of my scents.

Sign up for the mailing list at I won't spam you (I hate junk mail too!) and you can opt-out at any time. I'll only use it for updates on new items, sales, coupon codes, maybe even some little tutorial type things, and just fun stuff. At the most, I'd say you'll receive one email every two weeks.

If you're interested, jump on board!


Labeling / Packaging: I've updated some of the labels with different artwork or designs in order to create a more cohesive look across my entire line. As such, the labels on items you receive my be somewhat different than what is pictured. Bottles may be slightly different than pictured as well, but are all currently amber (including sample vials).

Zodiac and Tarot Blends: This is something I've been toying with for awhile now. I plan to create a line of "personal power" blends based around signs of the zodiac as well as scents inspired by the archetypal characters found in the tarot. These will be released individually over time as they're created.

Single Note Perfumes: There are many natural essences that are so rich and complex that they are nearly a complete perfume unto themselves. There are several of these that I plan to eventually offer on their own in oil and solid perfume form. You can wear them individually, or layer them with one another to create your own array of signature scents at will.

That's all I have for recent updates, if you've read this far - thank you!


"From the sweet grass to the packing house... from birth to death.... we are all just travelers between the two eternities."


Welcome to Midnight Gypsy! My perfumes are created from natural essences, infusions, essential oils, resins, absolutes, and natural isolates as well as high quality synthetics to the fill gaps when Mother Nature doesn't quite provide what I need.

Questions? Don't hesitate to use the "Contact" link to send me a message right here at Etsy. I'll get back to you straight-away. I'm also happy to hear from you by email at MidnightGypsyLuxe [!at]

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So, with no further ado... welcome to my lair, sweetlings. Settle in with a cuppa somethin' and enjoy browsing my selection of hand-crafted aromatic elixirs. ♥