MidnightWolfDesigns' Shop Announcement

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The Gray and Black wolves displayed on the 2013 season of the popular Science Channel show, ODDITIES were purchased right here in my Etsy shop! I can custom create one just for you too - Please note that my waiting list is very long and turn around time for custom orders may be up to 12 months!!!!. My email response time is also a bit delayed! I have answered over a thousand emails in the past few weeks, (Eep!) I think my arms are ready for a break........But rest assured I am diligently working to keep up on my orders, and maintain the level of quality that my customers have come to know is associated with my taxidermy work! If you are looking for a furry friend in a big hurry - I will have several pre-made sculptures available in my shop: Lovely coyotes, a pose-able silver fox, a pose-able raccoon, and a big, fluffy wolf!

I look forward to working with you all this year! Thank you kindly for stopping by!

- Miss Katie Rae