MihaylovaArt's Shop Announcement

My name is Denitsa Mihaylova from Sofia, Bulgaria.
Painting is my passion from my childhood. Through my eyes painting is an emotion and special state of the spirit that connects the inner world with the real life. Through my art I express one world that is outside the boundaries of the realm, world full of fantasies and imagination, a world where your spirit is free and unrestricted to fly higher and higher. My art represent a journey to a fairytale filled with abstracts figures and colorful emotions that are trying to touch and to provoke the spectators.

The "Curley" lamps by the designer Denitsa Mihaylova are made from cut abstract forms which come from the world of imagination. They create special atmospheres, because they don’t depend on eyes, but on the feeling of each person. The lamps are just as attractive during the day or at night. When the lamp is turned off, it not only falls asleep, but transforms into an abstract art sculpture.