Simplicity & elegance with hand-created leather knots

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Announcement    We are on to create eye-catching and innovative jewels. Thanks for visiting us today!
Come please and delving deeper into our treasure chest...


Last updated on Apr 5, 2016

We are on to create eye-catching and innovative jewels. Thanks for visiting us today!
Come please and delving deeper into our treasure chest...


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Nothing less, nothing more: MiiSU

We decided to step up and try something new. To have a brand which focuses on simplicity and elegance. Then the MiiSU was born...

MiiSU on Glady’s Magazine — Q&A
A few weeks ago, we got a message from Doris Hobbs, the Account Execute Editor of Glady’s Magazine. We’ve been asked if we’d like to be featured in their next issue. Of course, we said yes… :)

MiiSU specializes in the professional design of leather jewellery. The brand uses a unique technique for knotting leather cord making knots are known as diamond knots, which makes it easy to identify and also signatures the brand.
We sat down with the MiiSU’s establishers to find out more about the brand’s endeavour.

Known for:
All MiiSU products are made of leather string, which is bee-waxed & hand-rolled in our workshop, make the leather smoother and more tender, springy and supple.

Inspired by:
The love of the leather: the smell, the litheness, the beauty and it can be worn by anyone on any occasion: from sports to formal events — to create something which never existed before.

Where do you find inspiration for new designs?
Inspiration tends to come from anywhere, especially when you are living in such a many-layered city as London. However, a great source of my inspiration comes from my gathered treasure — many types of unique beads, gemstones, metals and all sorts of accessories. I believe my craftsman background has a subconscious influence on how and what can be used as jewellery, especially when my current work overlaps the knowledge and expertise I gained over the years. With regard to the textures, atmospheres, emotions and colours, I am trying to convey a story to the jewellery. I truly think we limit ourselves if we just try to replicate an existing product or idea and it loses authenticity if we don’t endeavour new directions. MiiSU is one of my many directions, but the most beloved in the world of jewellery.

What do you consider your signature?
Simplicity, elegance and each piece of the MiiSU brand has at least one hand-knotted “diamond knot”.

What is your design philosophy?
To create a great design, I think a little art is crucial, but the final product is definitely not art. Art raises questions but the design is to give answers. I am passionate about fashion and the fashion elements come naturally when I’m designing a new product. A design work can’t be play-act, you have to put yourself into your creations and I clearly know what it is in case of my work: always a simple and imaginatively designed creation with deep harmony. That’s what captivates my imagination.

Your first foray into the world of design was?
I worked as a leather craftsman for many years. I made everything I could make out of leather. From my own design leather garments, wallets, bangles, rings through accessories, shoes, book covers, bags to tiny gadgets, grips, gift boxes, basically everything.

What do we have to look forward to from you next?
I’m excited to introduce the world to the Karen Hill Tribe silver on my new pieces. It’s a bit different from sterling silver, it’s pure, consequently, it has weight and the colour is like bright satin. Each piece is handmade, therefore it’s unique and makes you feel it’s one of a kind.

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Care instructions

Special care requirements:

Your MiiSU will stay comfortable and flashy for a long time, although it needs a bit of care. When they are not being worn, it is the best for your jewel to leave it hanging somewhere or to keep it in a dry and soft environment without wrinkling.

General Information:

A leather jewellery unfortunately not timeless. But can last a long time if properly maintained. The leather is not water-resistant as many think and I cannot guarantee the long-lasting of your jewel if you wear it during bathing or swimming. Although getting it wet occasionally won't immediately damage it, keep in mind that repeated exposure to water or chemicals will dramatically contuse it, and contribute to its deterioration over time.