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5 out of 5 stars
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5 out of 5 stars

deonsamuel1 on Jun 12, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

My custom made cake pop stands are absolutely beautiful!! Mike made doing business with him a breeze! Thank you Mike these will be used for many years to come.

Sindy Friedrich

Sindy Friedrich on May 22, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

Mike is a rock star at communication! The stand arrived when he said it would with detailed instructions. It was in PERFECT condition and sturdy. I bought it for my oldest daughter's wedding and have already used it at my youngest daughter's graduation. It is a great product from people who really care about service!


Gabrielle on May 17, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful stand and very easy to assemble. I love it!! and I loved the great communication from the seller. I will definitely be coming back for future purchases.

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What started as a hobby is bound and determined it's going to be a business!

I started making stands for my sister and at her urging I started selling them on Etsy in October of 2010. I have a separate shop away from my house since I don't have room here, and it gives me a place to "get away from it all". I have no computer, no internet and no phone. It's a place to WORK. Up until 2 years ago, I didn't even want a cell phone, but because you all do, I had to. I try to answer messages as I can, but my fingers don't type well on my phone so most of the time I do it at home early in the morning which is when I do the majority of my replies to you.

What started out as a little side business has grown to the point where I quit my regular job to devote all my time to it. I'm a one person shop simply because I need to be sure that whatever I turn out is mine and I'm responsible for it. I can honestly say that I remember every single aspect of every single job I complete, and I know it's done right.

I read a saying a while back that was "if you don't lie, you don't have to remember what you said." Very simple, and I try to live by that. It makes life so much easier.

I love doing what I do,because every single day is different. I never know what customers are going to come up with, and I LOVE to try and figure it out. I feel like I'm very creative and have a great imagination. I haven't had a project yet that couldn't be completed or a dream that couldn't be realized. Communication is the key.

You can tell by most of my listings that I don't take fancy pictures. More power to the ones that do. I want you to see what you are getting, not a fancy setting or a photo shopped picture. WYSIWYG. I always send you at least one picture of YOUR stand after it's done. I put all of them together to make sure they are 100%, and everything is fitted just right before I break them down and package them. I want to be absolutely sure your stand is trouble free. If there is an issue, I'll fix it. PERIOD. I have had pieces get lost in a cab, crushed under car seats, even lost by venues that set them up. I've replaced them all no questions asked. It doesn't matter to me how or why. What matters is you have a stand that can't be used. Is it really worth the couple of dollars it may cost me to keep you happy? How many businesses do you know that will do that? In my expierience, not many.

In closing, rest assured you will get a good quality product. It will be what you want and will serve you for years to come. I want everyone to be happy with their purchase and will do everything I can to make it so.

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  • Mike

    Owner, Maker, Designer

    Simple. That's the way I like it. Nothing fancy about the way I do things. I just want to do a good job at whatever it is that I do. What you see is what you get with me. No fancy photos or glossy bio, just good quality products.

Shop policies

Last updated on October 19, 2017
1) Items you see in my shop are unique. I have crafted these items for my personal enjoyment or to suit the particular needs of someone else, and it would be impossible for me to duplicate them EXACTLY. My intentions are to show examples of my work, and I would hope that you would use them as inspiration and general guidelines for your project.

2) Because I’m making it for you, we have infinite possibilities. Materials, finishes, ornamentation, and complexity affect pricing. A painted or stained box would cost more than an unfinished one, an oak box more than a pine one, 4 sided or eight sided, fancy or plain, well you get the idea.

3) The biggest factor for me to consider when quoting a price is TIME. Materials like wood, I can with relative certainty, estimate accurately. A 6” square box with a top and bottom would take roughly 36” of 6” stock, pretty simple. Now the labor. To make that same box with butt joints would take me a lot less time than making one with dovetails. So common sense would tell me I can’t charge the same, even though the material cost is the same. I try to be realistic when I estimate the amount of labor a project will require, and try to imagine how long it would take someone with the same capabilities to accomplish. The benefit to you is that if I give you a quote, I have already figured out how much materials will cost and how long it will take me to complete it. If I thought it would take me 5 hours and it takes me 8, that’s my fault. I will not charge you for my mistake.

4) When I purchase someone’s products or services, it’s usually because I don’t have the time to do it, or I can’t, and I expect to pay for the convenience or their skill. We do it every day, but I doubt very few of us ever stop and consider everything involved in bringing these products and services to us. We just see the price. Seriously, think about that the next time you make a purchase, then ask yourself if it seems fair. I do it all the time. I wish that I didn’t have to buy wood, but I don’t have the time or a sawmill to make my own, so I expect to pay for the convenience of walking into Lowes or Home Depot and pulling it off the rack.

5) I have quite a bit of time and money invested in my lifelong collection of tools, books, jigs, and contacts. The only reason I bring this up is twofold. One, I have made these investments, not you, and you need to know I don’t expect you to pay for my shiny new band saw by inflating my price to you. Secondly, I made these investments to save me time and trouble, making my life easier. Easier for me equals less money from you.

6) I do have a shop, away from my house that affords me the space I need to work. I don’t have a garage large enough to support the house and my hobby so I rented a small shop last year after we bought our house. Again, this is an expense that I have that I don’t factor in to the prices I charge. Any supplies I use like sandpaper, glue, nails etc., are minimal and also aren’t a factor in pricing. I don’t see the need to pass that on to you since I would still have the expenses whether I am building something for you or not. Bear in mind that anything that is needed exclusively for your project will be included in your quote up front.

7) Most things I make are utilitarian by nature, not museum pieces. I don’t build Chippendale furniture. I also won’t build or sell anything I’m ashamed of.

8) I did a little investigation (Google search) on custom cake stands, and two things came immediately to the forefront. There aren’t a lot of people that do what I do, and the ones that do are mighty proud of their products. Don’t get me wrong, they have some beautiful things, but I wouldn’t pay their prices. I guess I feel like that because I could do it myself cheaper. I charge and pay for things what I realistically think they are worth. You are more than welcome to send me prices and examples of something and I’ll see what I can do.

9) I will ship your item(s) however you want and charge you what it cost me. I don’t believe in inflated shipping cost like some sellers on eBay just to pad the profit. You are more than welcome to check rates, or arrange shipping yourself.

10) Bottom line I can do whatever you want as long as it’s within my capabilities. I am probably the most flexible guy you will ever come across. If I price a finished item at $100, I can discount it if you want it unfinished. You can supply your own parts or hardware to incorporate into your piece. You can specify materials, finishes, whatever. The key is communication. I will take as many questions as you want to ask me.

I hope this helps you understand me better. I’m just a guy trying to make a little money from the hobby I love. I don’t have aspirations of great wealth. I want to be fair to you and to myself, be proud of my work, and make you happy.


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Returns and exchanges
I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations
But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.
I expect my items to arrive in one piece, and so do you. As careful as I am packing your items, damage does occur. My first priority if damage does occur is YOU, not trying to assign blame, or pass it off to the shipper. I don't argue, and take full responsibility. I will repair or replace whatever needs to be at my expense, and will do so as quickly as I can. I'll deal with the how's and why's later.

If for some reason damages do occur in the shipping process, you must let me know within 24 hours of receipt. KEEP EVERYTHING!

There are policies I must follow in order to file a claim with the shippers. Take pictures of the damaged pieces AND the packaging for proof of damages (I need them for the claim). I had a claim denied because the shipper said the packaging wasn't damaged, but fortunately my customer did as I asked, and I was able to show proof otherwise. When you inform me of a damage claim, I will give you instructions on how to proceed. Usually I will need the items packed back up in their ORIGINAL boxes with the packing material. I will arrange for the package to be picked up and returned to me, and I will pay the shipping).

I will not refund your items purchase price because it was damaged. I will however replace or repair any damaged items necessary so you get exactly what you paid for.

Since the items I make are custom made for you, I will not offer any refunds or exchanges. There are always exceptions and they will be handled on a case by case basis. Make sure you read the listing thoroughly to make sure it is exactly what you want. I have made a commitment to fulfilling your order as it is listed, but you need to be responsible for making sure you have read the listing and my policies. If you purchase any of my items, I will presume that you did and agree to them.

If I leave out any key details you think are significant, it was not intentional. As detailed as I try to be in my listings, I don't know exactly what is important to everyone. I will gladly add any details you think are important.

If a return is accepted by me, you are responsible for any shipping charges getting it back to me in the condition I sent it to you.
Please, please, please, don't assume I can meet your required delivery date, especially February through August because of bridal season. Because all of my items are custom made to order, I do need a little time to make your piece and allow for shipping time. My standard is to ship your item no more than 2 weeks after the order date. You must contact me first if you are in a rush, and I will do the best I can to meet your deadline.

Make sure you read the listing thoroughly to make sure it is exactly what you want. I have made a commitment to fulfilling your order as it is listed, but you need to be responsible for making sure you have read the listing and my policies. If you purchase any of my items, I will presume that you did and agree to them.

If I leave out any key details you think are significant, it was not intentional. As detailed as I try to be in my listings, I don't know exactly what is important to everyone. I will gladly add any details you think are important.

I accept all major credit cards accepted through Etsy Direct Checkout or PayPal. I also take Etsy Gift Cards.
I use FedEx almost exclusively. Items are shipped insured and MUST be signed for. I don't have S/H charges. What they quote me for shipping is what I charge you.

Smaller items may go by USPS, depending which one is cheaper for you.

I can and will ship outside the US, but you must contact me first. If I do ship out of the US, you are responsible for any customs fees, taxes, etc...
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