T Shirt Yarn Recycled Upcycled from T Shirts

Enjoying all things Crafty and Homemade, All things Clean and Natural. That is why I make Recycled T Shirt Yarn.

I began by crocheting hats for my first Etsy shop. North Street Crochet. I enjoyed enough success with the hats that I decided it was time to devote my efforts towards my craft and quit my job. It has been a few years now and I couldn't be happier.

Somewhere along the way I began to make yarn from once loved, no longer wanted t shirts. I really can't remember how I got started with the yarn. The response to my yarn was very good and I began to devote most of my efforts to making the yarn.

I still make hats when requested.
T Shirt Yarn
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I am a husband, father, and a bit of a recluse. I enjoy crafting and especially trying new things.