MikesTShirtYarn's Shop Announcement

T shirt yarn is made from once loved but no longer wanted T shirts. Recycled Tshirt yarn is a sturdy yarn which is good for crocheting hot pads, pot holders, scrubbers and more. Use it for weaving or macrame as well. It's uses are as infinite as our imaginations. Best of all it is washable just like the old t shirt was.

Each ball of yarn is reclaimed and repurposed from a single T shirt. I use clean but previously owned t shirts. Usually it is one color at a time because I rarely find multiple shirts of the same color that match. Even though I may have several balls of the same color they each came from an individual shirt and are not guaranteed to match each other exactly in color or hue.

Each ball of my yarn is made entirely by hand. The only energy used is human energy. Cookies and milk are all that is needed to renew this energy source. Using T shirt yarn also means not using yarns that were made using a less eco-conscience method (factories).

I enjoy the hunt for unique shirts or colors for my yarn. If you are looking for a certain color I would be happy to try and find it for you. I am convo friendly.

You may want to visit my other shop where I have my crochet hats. I make these too. Most of my hats are made using rescued yarns. Brand new yarns are used only when necessary.


Please, come in and look around. Remember to check back often because new yarns are listed every week (sometimes every day).

Please read my profile for an explanation for how I gauge the size of my yarns.

Thank you, Mike