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Welcome to the world of Milady Leela...Treasures To Enchant Your Spirit! *Live Life Beautifully
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My Enchanting World

Milady Leela , a.k.a Dena K. Miller... Sings, Makes Art, Creates Treasures for Mind, Body and Spirit as well as Designs a line of Gypsy, Mermaid and Goddess Jewelry. She lives in a 110 year old house with her Drummer Husband and three loving Cats that she and her Husband Jimi call "The kitty Committee." Dena spends her time dreaming, making music, video’s, and creating The Most Enchanting World for those around her. She has a love for all things vintage and romantic. Her gypsy spirit shines and infuses a magical light within her work and life.
Check out Dena's Other Etsy Boutique, "The Pampered Pussycat
Where you will find Natural and Organic homegrown Catnip Sachets that will have your favorite Pussycat Happy and Meowing for more! *A portion of sales from The Pampered Pussycat will be donated to various animal organizations. Much Love from The Kitty Committee.... Meow!
Dena K. Miller
owner, maker, designer, curator
Positive Thinker, Lover of Nature and Spiritually Connected to the Beauty of Life and the Universe.

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