Art, as a way of life. Raw material, a way of thinking

Announcement    If you are interested in what you see, I have a web domain with more pictures, bio, links to video and more items for sale. PS-- new here- few items to get started, will add more! Lots of years experience on my domain site


Last updated on Oct 5, 2020

If you are interested in what you see, I have a web domain with more pictures, bio, links to video and more items for sale. PS-- new here- few items to get started, will add more! Lots of years experience on my domain site



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  • Michael on Jan 5, 2021

    5 out of 5 stars

    Love the craftsmanship of this tool thank you!

  • jason on Nov 12, 2020

    5 out of 5 stars

    Was surprised how quickly it was shipped from Alaska. Although listed as pen blank going to be used for small full tang dagger. All other sellers of stabilized wood this size where more expensive for something far too small. Also I really appreciate how miles explicitly says in detail that one part had bark scale on it and will need to be lathed down. I appreciate the outright declaration of this in description as many sellers would simple list it as “has cosmetic imperfections” or some such if at all and while I intended to lathe it anyway to get proper size I can and have seen situations where a product that is not usable for reasons like this is purchased and only discovered after and could have been avoided in first place if seller had just added simple details like this. Vary impressed and satisfied overall

  • Andrew on Sep 12, 2020

    5 out of 5 stars

    Unique one of the kind hand forge blade. A+

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Not Art, a way of thinking. Not raw material, a way of life

I was called a gifted artist and in the news since I was 5 years old. Wanted to be a mountain man since about then. Moved from the city out to the Alaska wilderness in 1972. During my wilderness years I picked up my own style of life, reflected in my art. Not life 'off the grid,' but off the map. Not ideas outside the box, puzzled there is a box at all. My work and I are thus hard to put in a category.

'Handmade,' usually means I find the materials to make the beads, scrap metals from barge propellers old water pipes are lost wax cast to my own patterns. I cut-work my wood stones steel. I design my own findings for pendants. Many rocks have no name and are simply Alaska river rocks I find cut and polish. I sell the raw materials and wholesale them and my art. I have done the Tucson Gem fossil mineral show for 20 years, biggest show in the world. Here I hand select items I trade for that I do not have in Alaska, like some crystals, cut gem stones, raw opal, turquoise.
I have been written up in Alaska magazine 5 times, been in the New York Times, GEO in Europe and more. Once had fans, followers, but now concentrate more on my work than my followers, .

What to say, where to begin and end? What would you like to know? I'm a mountain-man, homesteader, artist, writer, photographer, knife maker, survivalist, subsistence expert, stonecutter, woodworker, gardener. Again, do not fit into any one category. I cant be described. Oh, I lived on a houseboat on the river for 25 years. Have more miles and hours on sled dogs then driving. Now at 70 years old, live in a 2 room 1916 log cabin in Nenana Alaska, population 300, Nearest city Fairbanks 50 miles away. I'm a one men business. Used to number pendants I created. Got to #999 , went to '1A' , got to 999D, and quit numbering, about 20 years ago. I try not to brag, by saying, "Gifted, but tweaked!"

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Last updated on Oct 5, 2020
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Care instructions

Many 'things from the land,' I sell require care. Ancient fossils, some wood needs to climatize if not stabilized. I try to send a note in such cases, Like if you are in a much damper climate then I am in. I also have Youtube videos on the care of different materials I can direct you to.

Custom and personalized orders

I do one of a kind custom work, but rarely alterations, special orders. I quote an Eskimo artist I learned under, "The material tells me what it wants to be, and I release the spirit." Not totally my view, but if I listen to the material it doesn't work well to listen to a customer. I also have a lot of products, and if a customer cannot find what they want among my finished, maybe they are hard to please? I do not want 'problems.' However... contact me or go to my domain website for more choices, links to how-to video, bio more information, etc.

Wholesale availability

Summed up, "Yes." My main business is wholesaling to shops and raw materials to other artists. Usually 'keystone.' No set policy. If You walk the walk and talk the talk that works. No minimum order, but I have to make money, so the more you buy, the less the unit price. Inquire, let's talk