MillCreekHoney's Shop Announcement

On sale now from bee farm: Really Raw Pure and Natural Whole Honey, Honeycomb, Pure Beeswax, Wildflower Bee Pollen, Propolis, Swarm Lures, Wheat Berries / Seeds, Natural Beeswax Lotions and Balms, etc
Q & A:

1) Q: Are you guys available for local pickup at all? A: I'm sorry, currently No.

2) Q: Shipping to Canada? A: I'm sorry, currently No.

3) Q: Do you sell on other websites? A: Please buy from our Etsy listings.

4) Q: Can you make special order for us? A: yes, just tell what you want and how many ( mix and match are OK too) and I will create new listing on Etsy for you.

5) Q: When can I expect my order? A: Most orders are confirmed within 1-3 working days of your order date, and take 5-12 shipping days to arrive. The majority of orders are shipped using USPS w/ tracking info. ( most orders over 1 Lb net. wt. shipped Priority Mail )

6) Just wondering if beeswax will melt in transit ? I live in Louisiana. A: Beeswax melting point range of 62 to 64°C (144 to 147°F) if inside your mailbox 144 F or more, possible beeswax will melt. ( we beekeepers, using solar wax melters )

7) Q: do you include in your listings, shipping / handling: etsy listing fees, etsy selling fees and credit card or Paypal fees and shipping cost?
A: yes, mostly times. Thank you for reminding about all this fees :)

8) and all questions about medical use : sorry, we are not a doctors / dermatologists / health guru/ nor a healers :) Please consult your doctor. We only plain beekeepers and sell: raw honey, beeswax, bee pollen, propolis...

9) Q: do you sell dry honey?
A: I'm sorry, we do not sell DRY HONEY**, we sell only naturally granulated / crystalized honey = ... Crystallized honey is honey in which some of the glucose content has spontaneously crystallized from solution as the monohydrate. Also called "granulated honey" or "candied honey." Honey that has crystallized (or commercially purchased crystallized) can be returned to a liquid state by warming ..
** ... Dry honey has the moisture extracted from liquid honey to create completely solid, nonsticky granules. This process may or may not include the use of drying and anticaking agents ..

10) Q: Honey has sat in a my mail box during a heat wave (88 degrees), and I'm wondering if it's still ok to eat. I'm assuming that since bees live outside and that is where honey is made, it's fine but I just want to be sure! Thank you for your help. A: yes, 88 degrees no problem for honey, more info:


Best regards, Beekeeper's helper :)

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