MillenniumAssembly's Shop Announcement

I make jewelry out of really old jewelry, salvaged curios, found objects: Victorian fobs, antique watch chains, cut-steel buckles, love tokens, toys. The materials I use are recycled, upcycled, repurposed, revived.

The Elloree Assembly collection offers antique and vintage medals and charms and thingamabobs on simple chains at a lower price point than my concoctions that take more time, construction, and finagling. Yes, there are scores of stores that sell antique and vintage medals and charms and lockets and thingamabobs on chains, so why should you buy an Elloree piece? Because I make them with the same care and attention to detail I practice when assembling my Millennium items, using quality chains and strong, saw-cut jump rings, and I back them with the same service I've offered to customers of Millennium General Assembly since April, 2010. If a necklace breaks through reasonable wear, or if a part fails, just send it back, and I'll repair it. If after you buy it, you're not happy with it, return it and I'll adjust it, do a quick change, or refund your money. I like knowing my work is out in the world, adorning happy people. Look in the side navigation of my shop for a link to the new collection.


There's a poem Denis Johnson wrote called "The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly," inspired by a sculpture of the same name that James Hampton, a janitor, constructed from scavenged and salvaged scraps. It's the only thing Hampton ever made, and it took him 14 years to complete. The American Art Museum now hosts the Throne, which fills a 27-foot space. On the wall of the garage where Hampton built his masterpiece was a sign: "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

"Jelly glasses and lightbulbs, / Metal (cut from coffee cans), / Upholstery tacks, small nails, / And simple sewing pins, / Lightbulbs, cardboard, / Kraft paper, desk blotters, / Gold and aluminum foils, / Neighborhood bums the foil / On their wine bottles, / *The Revelation.* / And I command you not to fear." --Denis Johnson


"For everything that rises must converge." —Pierre Tielhard Chardin, "Omega Point"




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