Little 5" plant dyed pumpkin baby
This is a nature table doll that is used to create a seasonal theme for your home.
This is a limbed heavy baby, plant dyed and organic.
May pole felted painting
Boy do I love my dolls! My dream is to get these babies into the offices of child psychologists!

Mimi's Designs is a place to find beauty and unique items.

My shop is the result of needing a creative outlet in my life. I love to make things and I always have. Previously, I used the written word to be as creative as I could but it wasn't using my hands. Eventually, I'd like to go a step further an actually create a community center where passionate artists can gather, share their talents, find high quality supplies, and find a joyful, enriched atmosphere to work AND PLAY!
Mimi's Designs, Mimi Hirsch
I have a dream and I WILL make it a reality. I absolutely LOVE making things with natural fibers - wall hangings, dolls, furniture. I want to turn this passion into a shop where others like me can meet and share our talents.