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Mimi's Whimsey on the road at craft fairs
I love my antique kitchen cabinet full of fabric and notions.
working at my embroidery machine
Party dress in progress
a herd of stick horses

a little of me is in each item I make

I began learning to use a sewing machine when I was a toddler staying with my grandmother. I can remember standing beside her as she sewed sundresses for me and my sister. She then moved off the sewing stool and sat me at it, patiently offering instruction. My great aunt taught me to crochet. She always laughed and said I held the yarn and hook backwards but the finished product turned out the correct way. I don’t know if I really hold it backwards or not. If I do, it must be from watching her and imitating it like a mirror image. Like she said, though, it works. At home, I was always "helping" my father in his woodworking shop. Creating items by hand is in my blood. It’s part of who I am.

Most of my work is done in my sewing room, but you can see evidence of it scattered around the house. I like the feeling of satisfaction that comes from planning a project, cutting it out, assembling it and adding the little touches that make it special. Most of my work is done at my sewing and embroidery machines, but I give myself some variety by working with adhesive vinyl and glitters. I enjoy bright colors and incorporate them in my projects whenever I can.

As well as being owner, designer, maker and curator of Mimi’s Whimsey, I’m also photographer and the one who wraps each package to get it ready for shipment. My husband and children make wonderful cheerleaders and give me the encouragement I need to do all this while juggling the other aspects of life.
owner, designer, maker, curator
When I’m not being “Mimi” to my grandchildren or working with elementary school children in special education, I’m busy in my sewing room constructing whatever goodies my whimsey compels me to craft.

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