Mind4Design's Shop Announcement

Offering genuine aesthetic & functional design, I celebrate personal style, not the mass-produced. I hope you enjoy exploring & find handcrafted designs that suit your taste. Questions & Custom Requests are very Welcome!

I have researched important jewels and their famous collectors, costume jewelry designers, current trends, and the newest runway designs. A recent trip to Paris has also inspired some new items.

We have adorned our bodies with jewelry for thousands of years. Jewelry is not utilitarian in any way, but rather purely decorative. We wear it to elevate a look, to draw attention, to denote status, or simply to have a little fun. Some of the most exquisite pieces aren't even made of real gems.

When I create a new design I will wear it for a week or so to make sure it is durable and works well with a selection of outfits. If it passes the test, I make a completely new item of the same design and it becomes my newest listing on Etsy. It is important that you know that what you are getting is a thoughtfully made accessory that can be worn with confidence.

If you love one of my designs, I suggest purchasing now. Most items are one of a kind and could be sold before you get the chance! Personally, I subscribe to the art show wisdom of always buying when I first see it, as it might be gone when I come back.

I hope you find pieces here that appeal to your taste and style, and I invite you to share your ideas for that perfect custom item you're looking to find.