The Story of Minter & Richter Designs

Anyone walking into a shop full of loud, over-sized machines would never guess the small, delicate jewelry that is produced. Each ring is a by-product of conversations between us and our customers, careful attention to detail, and a finished product that is certain to feel as much a part of their love years down the road as it did on the day they married.

Scott is a self-taught metal artist who spent a number of years designing knives while making rings as gifts for friends and family. When he married me, wife and business partner Minter, rings and romance won out. Minter & Richter Designs now runs out of a shop and studio in Boston, MA, where we also live with our two young sons.

Because the widespread use of titanium for jewelry has only taken off in the last two decades, some people consider titanium wedding bands rather non-traditional. But what could be more traditional than a ring that will maintain its shining strength and beauty generations beyond gold and silver? And starting a new tradition that doesn’t fuel civil wars (diamond trade) or destroy ecosystems (gold mining) sounds like a good place to start.

Minter & Richter ring designs have evolved from simple titanium bands to include over 30 types of wood inlays, deer-antler and water buffalo horn, and concrete. By letting the customers play a large part in the design process, we are continually challenged to experiment with different materials and see new color and style possibilities we might not have otherwise.

Every love story in America is a unique blend of cultures, gender, race, and vision, and we are just happy to be a small part of the universal piece that makes them all turn.
Minter & Scott Richter
owner, maker, designer
From our fingers to yours. We are a husband and wife team who design, cut and shape titanium and wood into bands that, for many folks, will symbolize their life-long love and commitment to one another.

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