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Design your own wedding ring! Titanium wedding bands for men and women! Etsy jewelry that won't disappoint, whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift.


NON rush orders are shipped six weeks after receipt of order.

We ship via FedEx 3-Day and FedEx International Priority so you can be sure you are getting your package swiftly and securely. Your package tracking number will be emailed to you on the day of shipment. For ease of delivery we do not ship signature required unless requested.

RUSH ORDERS: $65 for a single band and $95 for a set.
(3-4 week turn around. Requires overnight shipping)

SHOTGUN RUSH: $95 for a single band and $125 for a set.
(Our fastest service - when you need us to ship your ring in 14 business days or less. Requires overnight shipping.) Engraving for shotgun rush order is $60 per band.

EXPEDITED FEDEX SHIPPING (domestic only): $35 (overnight, tracking included). We do not send Signature Required unless requested.


We ONLY use FedEx for the shipment of our bands. FedEx cannot deliver to a PO Box. Therefore, we can only accept Full Street addresses with your order.

CUSTOM ALUMINUM SIZERS: (**Please note that sizers can add approximately 2 weeks to order processing.) $40 for up to two sets of 3 bands. Titanium cannot be re-sized, so our custom sizers are the only way to guarantee you get the absolute perfect fit. GUARANTEED RIGHT SIZE OR YOUR SIZING EXCHANGE IS FREE, within the first three months after purchase. Sizers for ALL International Orders will be shipped via FedEx ($50). Sizers for Domestic Rush Orders requires FedEx shipping ($35).


Engraving: $40 per band - up to 30 characters (Spaces do not count as characters; 80 cents for each additional character.) Full wrap engraving is $80/band.

Engraving for shotgun rush order is $60 per band.

USE YOUR OWN PERSONAL MATERIAL (WOOD OR OTHER) IN YOUR RING! We can stabilize most any material you send us so that it will last a lifetime and beyond in your ring. Stabilizing Charge of $100.00.

Processing of other non-wood personal material (stones, ashes, asphalt etc.) is an additional $50.

We proudly offer a 10% Military Discount!


Q: How do I get sized?

A: WE STRONGLY SUGGEST PURCHASING MINTER & RICHTER CUSTOM SIZERS to guarantee you get the absolute perfect fit for your ring. The industry-wide standard for ring size carries many variables (different measuring tools, ring widths, ring materials and design). Handmade rings often fit differently than factory made, as factory made bands are sized LESS accurately. Therefore, getting sized at a jewelry store does not guarantee that the size will be correct. A sizing exchange is 50% the cost of the original if you were not sized on our custom bands.

1. Minter & Richter Custom Aluminum Sizers ($40 for up to two sets of 3 bands): If you have a general idea of what your ring size might be, we can make you a set of custom aluminum sizers (plain aluminum bands) in three different sizes at your preferred width. This allows you to spend time wearing each sizer for a day or two and finding out which one offers the most comfortable fit. Finger size can fluctuate slightly throughout the day due to water intake, temperature, etc. so this is an excellent way to get an accurate representation of exactly how your final ring will fit. We request that customers purchase their final ring(s) at the same time as the sizers. We ship you the sizers along with a SASE for convenient return. Once you confirm your ring size we begin making your rings!
(**Please note that sizers can add approximately 2 weeks to order processing.)

Free Shipping of sizers for domestic NON rush orders. Sizers for ALL International Orders will be shipped via FedEx ($50). Sizers for Domestic Rush Orders requires FedEx shipping ($35).

2. Tips for getting a size estimate at the jeweler: The industry-wide standard for ring size carries many variables (different measuring tools, ring widths, ring materials and design). Handmade rings often fit differently than factory made. We suggest asking the jeweler to use a caliper or micrometer for the most accurate sizing. These specialized instruments are more sensitive (and therefore more reliable) than ring wands or sticks. Keep in mind that you will want to be sized at your preferred width. The average wedding band is 6.4mm, but we can make our rings any width you desire. If you are a size 8 at 6.4mm you may very well be an 8.5 at 7.9mm or wider. Because it will cover more of your finger, a wider band will fit more snugly, and it is important to keep both ring size and width in mind when getting sized.

Q: What are possible widths?

A: We make bands of all widths - narrow and wide! Our most commonly requested widths are:

1/8” = 3.5mm
3/16” = 4.8mm
7/32” = 5.6mm
¼” = 6.4mm
5/16” = 7.9mm
3/8” = 9.5mm
½” = 11mm

If you would like us to suggest a width complimentary to your size and/or choice of ring, just ask!

Q: When will I get my ring?

A: All orders are processed to be shipped out 6 weeks from date of purchase, so you can expect to have ring in hand within 7 weeks! We use FedEx Express shipping for safe and secure delivery (3 day delivery, tracking info provided). We understand that many of our orders are time sensitive, and therefore offer rush order services. Rush order purchase allows us to prioritize your order, sending it to the front of the line and getting your rings to you when you need them! All rush orders are shipped FedEx overnight for fast and reliable delivery (1-2 days, tracking info provided).

Q: What if my ring doesn't fit?

A: All of our rings come with a lifetime sizing exchange guarantee. So if the ring doesn't fit, or your size changes down the road, we can offer to make a new ring at 50% the current retail price of the original. The original ring will need to be returned to us in exchange for the new one.

Q: Will my titanium band last?

A: Titanium bands are jewelry without compromise - strong, impermeable and lightweight, they offer the best of both worlds: beauty and durability. Each of our rings are carefully handcrafted from a single billet of pure titanium and all of our inlays are securely stabilized to preserve their natural durability. With a unique ability to take on a variety of finishes as well as its glorious color and shine, titanium is the perfect material for the perfect ring!

We have sold our rings to professional chefs, firemen, surfers, and trapeze artists, and have only heard back from them how thrilled they are with their choice and how amazed they are that their ring can withstand their lifestyle. Having said all of this, we back all our rings 100% and will always fix or replace an inlay should it need it. We care about our rings and appreciate the opportunity to share them with people who care about how their bands are made.

Q: How water-proof are the inlays?

A: When we choose an inlay material, we do so with two things in mind: durability and beauty. Many of the woods we use for our wood inlays are ultra stabilized under a patented high pressure process, making them as impermeable to water as possible and incredibly resistant to scratches. Some of the woods we use (like the Bloodwood or Cocobolo) for example, are chosen because they are so high in natural oil content that they naturally repel water. All of our inlays are fit for swimming, dish-washing, showering etc., so you never have to take off your band!

Q: What is anodization?

A: Anodization is the process that produces those fabulous accent colors you see on our bands. By passing electricity through titanium in a conductive bath, a transparent titanium-oxide layer is formed on the band's surface. The amount of voltage in the bath determines the thickness of the oxide and color produced. Each iridescent color is seen through the refraction of light on the transparent oxide layer. Because the colors are optically created, they may look different depending on the time of day, viewing angle and light source. Anodization is not permanent, and will eventually fade and wear over time. This is why we only anodize on the interior and protected groove of our bands. If you ever feel like your ring could use a new blast of color, we will be happy to re-anodize it for you - just send it in to us as a "Spa Treatment".

Q: Can titanium be cut if I’m in an accident or will my finger need to be amputated?

A: This urban legend has been widespread by jewelry retail staff who want to steer customers towards pricier gold and platinum bands. They may tell you that your titanium wedding band could only be cut off by specific and expensive equipment not readily available in most hospitals and ER facilities. After all, greedy jewelers know that it’s not very romantic to think about losing one’s finger to the noose of its own wedding band.

While it is true that titanium is tough, (its name derived from the ‘Titans’ of Greek mythology), it is quickly and easily cut with a common ring cutter (standard equipment in hospitals). You can be assured that titanium wedding bands are made out of commercially pure titanium grades which have all the advantages of corrosion resistance and durability without the indestructible “scary”-strength we associate with aero-space titanium alloys. Gold may cost you an arm and a leg, but titanium will never cost you a finger!

We love this clarification of this silly urban folklore by snopes!

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