MissKaysArt's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Miss Kay's Art on Etsy!
Thank you so much for visiting my shop! Saving items from the trashbins/dumpsters and turning them into works of art has become a passion as well as a business for me. The fun part of the process of making my art is seeing firsthand some of the rich history behind the wood and tine that goes into each piece I create. The words are inspired both by myself as well as customers. I can accept special orders if I am given ample amount of time to complete. I spend much of my time traveling and making special orders for shops and galleries throughout the US.
On all my travels I look for discarded pieces of wood and tin- found in torn down houses and barns, roadsides, beaches, and even a dumpster or two!
I take these discarded pieces of wood and tin- and carefully cut, sand and paint each piece of wood. I then cut the tin into individual pieces (varies with each individual piece) and paint song lyrics or quotes onto each plaque to create handmade works of art.
I make each one myself and take great pride in the fact I am using materials that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill!
If you would like a specific lyric or quote please contact me.
For orders outside the continental US please contact me. Since I use reclaimed materials, my items vary in weight.
Also- be sure to check out my website: to see more of my artwork.
Cheers and look for me in stores,galleries,gift shops,art shows, and Music Festival!
Miss Kay