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My Crew..........this is what inspires me to do what I do every day!

TreasureHandcrafts BNS

Along with running my shop I also co-curate a wonderful BNS with an amazing lady, Kelly of Treasure2Remember!

I started out the BNS as a way to help other new shops get involved in Etsy, expand their circles, learn from the veterans, and promote eachother. As the BNS grew I met Kelly....and what HIT! I instantly knew her and I were made to be a TEAM!! So MissMissa's BNS grew into TreasureHandcrafts BNS.

Kelly and I take great pride in our BNS, our reputation, our relationship to one another and the relationship we continue to build with all our fellow etsiers! We call TreasureHandcrafts "our baby" because we continue to care for, nurture it, and watch it GROW!!

TreasureHandcrafts is probably one of the few BNS's that DOES NOT have a team. Kelly and I decided to NOT have a team so we could spend our time and talents strictly to promote what we are here for and that is the BNS.

With that in mind you will find that our reputation for one of the Fastest Moving and Most diverse shops represented is without equal in the BNS scene. This can only happen because of the shops we represent. Every BNS Treasury belongs to the shops there we are featuring thus it is Your Treasury and we are there curating and promoting for you! Your Success allows us to be successful of which we are very proud and also very thankful because we take it very seriously and are extremely humbled by that fact.

We love to promote Your Shop and we love to share the promotion to our Etsy Families. It's what we love to do and we do it with Fire and Fun!

We LOVE our Newbies!! You will see the heart of our style is also our passion for the new shops we represent. In almost all of the treasuries you will see a new shop. We have dedicated free spots to the new people who have never even heard of BNSTreasury Promotion. Don't worry about being a 'newbie' because you wont be one for long! So many wonderful people out there willing to help, all you need do is ask!

With that said we are excited and look forward to seeing you the next round with TreasureHandcraft BNS. Want an invite? Convo me or Treasure2Remember and we'll put you on the list. We are so thrilled to have you come and be part of the Fun Times with TreasureHandcrafts BNS!
Coming from a family of crafters, creaters, muscians, artists and jewelrs ... I can honestly say I was BORN for this! The hardest part for me in narrowing down all my creative interests to just ONE awesome product to offer you :-)