MisticaLuna's Shop Announcement

Merry meet, my name is Kim, and I'm the owner of Mistica Luna LLC. I've been a solitary practitioner of the craft for 20 years. I decided to open my own metaphysical shop to provide people with what they need to help them along their spiritual journey. Along with providing metaphysical products I also sell spell bound jewelry, and do Rune and Dragon Oracle Readings.

In every Tarot/Oracle deck, every card holds not only a beauty of its' own, but a story of its' own. When one does a Reading for another; it is Your story that is being shown. Who am I? I am a messenger, nothing more then that. I was gifted at a very young age; not only to interpret cards by intuition, but have my Grand-mother there to guide me along my path. To be able to see the answers of the Questionnaire that comes to me for assistance. This is not something I take lightly in my life. This is a Gift. I have studied long and hard since the age of nine, an began Reading for others at the age of thirteen, I am now forty-eight. I continue to study and to learn, for the benefit of those that seek me out for help. I hope to be of service to you as well. I own over thirty decks in which you may make a choice from and forty different readings in which you may seek your answers. Please know this right up front and now; I will be honest with you as to what I interpret. I do not sugar coat, nor do I look for negatives-unless they are truly present. You may not always like the answers that come to you. But, I am simply the messenger. An please... Don't shoot the messenger!



How like a queen comes forth the lonely moon from the slow opening curtains of the clouds walking in beauty to her midnight throne!
George Croly

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