MistressRae13's Shop Announcement

Official shop of Dark Paranormal Romance and Gothic author, Cinsearae S., and 2012 FRIGHT TIMES AWARD WINNER for "Best Horror Collectible". Find unique and interesting items of the more darker persuasion!

(listing and photo at http://www.frighttimes.com/vendor_awards.htm#1)

**FOR THE ECONOMY-MINDED:** SOME ITEMS ARE $25.00 OR LESS, AND NOTHING IS OVER $45.00! (excludes some dolls and home decor) ALSO--FREE SHIPPING on lots of jewelry items and FREE GIFT WITH EVERY ORDER!

I've had a knack for creativity since I was a kid. Being the overly-sheltered, typical geeky outcast made me find ways to entertain myself, and I immediately found a love for fantasy, the paranormal, and even the horrific. Through books, movies, writing, a love for nature, art, and anything that seemed out-of-ordinary, I had constant inspiration all around me to develop my own works of art, books, jewelry and more.
I'm definitely a ''junk-a-holic''. Beads, scrap materials, interesting findings, and even the occasional flea market can draw my attention, making me search for that special object I can create into something I'm envisioning in my head. My hubby helps to feed this addiction by bringing home odds and ends he thinks I can use to create something unique.
I've always felt that creating something helps to divert the mind from the mundane, and indulge a bit in something unique and different, not seen on a daily basis. It invokes curiosity, wonder and amazement from onlookers, not to mention stimulates the brain into thinking how the piece was created! The best part of this is being able to offer a person something special that's one-of-a-kind that only they will own!

My themes center around Victorian, Gothic, Steampunk, and nature themes, sometimes a combination of all four. And of course, Halloween is a huge inspiration for me as well. I hope you'll find something you'll like here!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.