Printed Leggings and Apparel for the Creative Spirit

Designer Wayne Elliott prints his designs on fabric panels.
Brilliantly rendered artwork and fine details are what make Mitmunk's printed apparel completely unique.
Bold, graphic images dyed into the softest fabric with great visual texture. The black crow: a Mitmunk classic.
The signature Mitmunk circle insignia on our hand-punched and stamped clothing tags.
Mitmunk is proud to have participated in the inaugural Vancouver Alternative Fashion Weekend in 2012. Elena Ismail photo

MITMUNK: Printed apparel for the creative spirit

MITMUNK is a Vancouver-based design studio specializing in printed clothing and accessories.

It all began in 2011 when Wayne discovered his passion for putting original and remixed graphics onto comfortable, wearable garments. Having worked some years ago at a local fashion designer’s studio printing on specialty fabrics, he decided to draw on his experience to design printed clothing of his own.

After spending several months planning, researching, designing, and perfecting the printing process, Wayne and his partner Heather launched Mitmunk’s Etsy shop online. Since then, we’ve expanded our line from t-shirts to printed leggings and more. Mitmunk is proud to be one of the designers showcased in the first annual Vancouver Alternative Fashion Weekend in November 2012, returning again in 2013 to participate in VALT's sophomore year.

We love vintage illustrations, etchings, lithographs, serigraphs; the way ink sits on paper; blacks and grays and whites. You'll find these elements in our designs, which are inspired by and use images from historic, public domain printed matter.

Our garments are printed using the dye-sublimation process. Because the artwork is dyed right into the fabric, the prints on our clothing will not run, so you will always be able to enjoy your Mitmunk design.

In addition to our Etsy shop, you can also find Mitmunk locally at our Vancouver studio, which is open by appointment.

If you have any questions about our items, please feel free to send us a message through Conversations. We'd love to connect with you.
Wayne Elliott
owner, maker, designer
Wayne is the designer behind Mitmunk apparel and accessories. An artist with a background in video games and sculpture, he now focuses his time on developing, designing, and creating Mitmunk printed clothing.
Heather Joan Tam
Girl Friday

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