I can put a stache on that!

One of my crafting companions, Posey!
They kind of look like tumbleweeds right? They are mustaches that we just finished cutting ready to be embellished!
Our newest crafting companion! Only a month old and she already loves staches!
Some of the stache glove colors! If you don't see the color you want contact me for a custom order.

My crafting story

At the age of eight I made my first fabric crafts. They were hand stitched (with a plastic needle) simple loom pieces. Along with more pot holders than my family needed. From a young age I was hooked! My skills grew and I made and or modified most of my clothing in high school, and finally made it to art school. Where by some strange series of events I focused on video and new media. Although my day job is in video production I create and craft more nights than I should. And along with a very patient and loving husband I bring a small sampling of my creations to my shop.
It is apparent that I got my crafty ability from my Father who in his retirement has time to create some fantastic wood pieces that are available in my shop section My Father's Creations.
Jamie (MJ) Hitch
owner, maker, designer
I am a native of NY now living and crafting in Kansas City. I enjoy fun quirky crafts mostly. I along with my Husband Zack work mostly in fabric. I do the sewing and he picks out the colors!
Jim Hitchings
maker, My Father and maker of all work in My Fathers Creations section
Zachary Zahringer
maker, designer, Photography and Design

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