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"One must be absolutely modern..Il faut être absolument moderne!" -Rimbaud. ...(from A Season In Hell)
Promotion of iconic modernist styles for women & men from the 50's onward for purchase.
WE SHIP WORLDWIDE- Please convo us for rates!
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ModFashRedux's Shop Policies


Modernist Fashion Redux- where our passion for style is expressed purely and without influence by anything other than the love of design, originality and a sense of humour. The beauty expressed in good design is timeless and can forever resonate if chosen well and worn with aplomb.


DISCOUNTS: unless you're buying the store, don't be silly. Really. We know what great deals we have and Etsy reaches millions... so you better buy it before it’s gone while you're requesting 10% off in exhaustive convos.

LAYAWAY /RESERVED STATUS: Convo for "reserved"/layaway status - it is possible to do this on a case by case basis but there will not be any considerations for "discounts" if on layaway. Normally "reserved" is for a total of 7 days. A 30% non-refundable down payment is required for reserved. The remaining 2 payments for the remaining balance are due in 30 days from the down payment.


*** PLEASE REQUEST shipping rates to your country if not listed by CONVO***

PACKAGING::The beauty should be inside the package. We don't believe in putting lipstick on a gorilla... thus items will be sent in *upcycled* padded bags, boxes and recycled paper material without bells and whistles. Currently we are exploring Tyvek brand mailing envelopes to even further reduce the drain on our planets finite natural resources.

HOW ITS SHIPPED::We ship by ground unless you request otherwise and are willing to pay extra- and for airmail and/or insurance over $100 and/or signed receipt of delivery it will be painfully expensive. We mean horrifically expensive. Many times the cost of your beautiful item.

TIME FOR ITEMS TO YOUR MAILBOX::Normally an item takes between 1 -8 weeks to arrive:
Currently: 1-2 weeks to the Canada &US
Australia and NZ: 2 months almost to the day- sorry that's just the way it is!
EUR/Russia: 3-4 weeks

We have not yet had a single package not arrive. ANYWHERE in the world.

DAMAGES: if your item arrives damaged, then you will have to contact your post office within 24 hours to let them know of the damage and then contact me as well - this way we can file for insurance. There are no refunds for "damages in transit" directly from ModFashredux.

THAT BEING STATED- items sold here are VINTAGE (ETSY lingo for "older than 20 years") which is another word for OLD/USED/PREOWNED/WORN BY SOMEBODY ELSE BEFORE YOU. Unless otherwise stated, 99% of our stock is in this "state of being" and you should be able to understand this concept and adjust your expectations. Every item is rated as to its condition and priced accordingly. Flaws are photographed in hi-res and stated on the site. Zoom in, ask questions and be 110% satisfied BEFORE "adding to cart". Wear includes fragile stitching, fading, pilling, stretching, loose buttons, scuffs, marks, odours, moth attacks, etc... Of course we at ModFashRedux do our best to select only the best and the 99% of what we sell is in near perfect condition OR the condition is ENHANCED by the patina of age. We state all flaws AS WE KNOW THEM. If we were all knowing then life would be indeed perfect. Occasionally, flaws escape notice or are so minor as to be invisible. We strongly feel our prices accommodate such tiny, tiny flaws and no further discounts will be granted. If you are OCD, then perhaps stay away from vintage items.

Most ModFashRedux items have already been cleaned- either hand or machine washed- prior to your purchase. We are fortunate to have a leather goods repairman on call and seamstress as well as lovely European machine that can wash cashmere, wools and silks. Only items that would benefit from our attention will be cleaned. Sometimes dry cleaning would be best and that is up to you to take care of.

UPON ARRIVAL:: wrinkles happen. Steam irons can work miracles. Sometimes it's as easy as hanging it in your bathroom next time you take a hot shower. Please understand.

SIZING::ModFashRedux worked in a custom suit shop for celebrity news-anchors, high-profile sports/business personalities and executives. We know how to measure. Sizes are as best as we can describe- using mannequins and tape measures, balances, up to date conversion tables for our international clients and our extensive experience. If there is a measurement we overlooked or you specifically wish to confirm- CONVO before clicking on *add to cart*. We are happy to respond as quickly as we can and will send more photos if required. We would rather sell an item that fits than sell an item that won't and deal with the aftermath of that uninformed disaster. Repeat customers and glowing accolades are our bread and butter.

STOCK:: at any one time, only 1/3 of ModFashRedux's stock is on-line. Customers may request personal shopping for an exact item or ask us to search the inventory for something you think we might have tucked away. We are constantly procuring items and refining our postings, photography and styling. It's an evolutionary process- enjoy the ride.

Refunds and Exchanges

REFUNDING: not going to happen... unless... and why

UNLESS::Refunds only granted on items over $150 USD OR with express conversations with Mod FashRedux prior to purchase and the terms agreed upon by both parties.

WHY::Sending items BACK INTO Canada is costly- 90% of you don't have any idea what transpires at a border and the hands that need to be paid: Brokers who clear the items through Customs, Taxes paid on the item, Duty paid on the item, plus the international cost of shipping. Plus all the fees paid to Etsy and PayPal to get you the fabulous vintage Versace for 35$. All these fees do not get refunded to ModFashRedux and last time we checked we are not set up as a charitable organization. Best if you consign the item, re-gift to a friend or resell on Etsy!

Additional Policies and FAQs

Any Accessories or Props Used in the Pictures Are Not Included Unless Specified- and usually, they are for sale somewhere else in our shop.

Don't be lazy- provide feedback on Etsy so we can do a better job and make you even happier next time. It's just good Karma.

Seller Information

ModFashRedux is wholly a realization that our talent goes beyond what we do 9-5, M-F for the past couple of eons. Your support, simply by inclusion in your Favourites or a Treasury List, puts a bit of pep in our step Deep inside us is more than a brain and skilled hands. Sometime it's just a girl with a love of things that are simply pleasurable because they are well designed, humorous and frivolous...something that is trans-formative and of non-social redeeming value.
So buy a piece of clothing, purse or a shoe that makes you feel good or in a place that is not so DULL. ModFashRedux supports you.

Last Updated February 21, 2015