ModernPhilosophy's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Modern Philosophy Jewelry. My goal is to promote positive energies into the world one piece at a time. Each piece is hand made in Osaka, Japan and one of a kind.

For centuries, natural elements such as minerals and gemstones have been used to cleanse and attract healing energies. I am not a believer that a stone, single herb or any single physical item can heal. However, I am a strong believer that physical items are ways to keep our minds focused on healing ourselves. Our thoughts send energy throughout the body that affects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This formed the thought and creation of Modern Philosophy -- thoughts in which one lives by.

I believe that with the use of natural elements along with the intentions of the creator, are channeled to supplement the element and work with the intentions of the seeker or wearer. It is also common to find that physical things are not the true elements that heal; rather it is the intention and focus of energy which heals or has an effect of the healing outcome. All of my pieces feature semi-precious gemstones in which each stone has its own unique energy property that holds a different meaning to each unique individual. All of us carry the gift of intuition and many of my clients intuitively select the colors or stones that they are drawn to not knowing the energies until after they receive their item. They are often shocked and delighted that they have selected a stone that reflects the energies they unknowingly seek.

Each piece is made with an intention or mantra behind the piece. As a strong believer in "signs" or "destiny" I often limit the number of pieces made for every style so if something calls to you, follow your heart -- and if you find that it is no longer available, it wasn't meant to be.

Thank you for visiting my shop. I hope that you find something that calls to your spirit and helps you along your journey.




Given the handcrafted nature of each piece please allow 2-3 business days for your item to be handmade just for you, packaged and shipped.

All items are shipped from Osaka Japan via Japan post. On average items are delivered within 5-10 business days but will vary based upon your location. Our international shipping charge does not include any additional duties imposed by the buyer’s country. Orders shipped internationally may be subject to customs clearance procedures, which can cause delays beyond original estimated delivery time. In most cases because the amount is low, the fees may be minimal if any incur at all.

Any refused shipments will have the original shipping charges, any Import Fees that are incurred on the package, and the cost of returning the package deducted from the merchandise refund.

** I do offer complimentary Expedited shipping via EMS Japan Post Express which is delivered between 2 -3 Days with tracking confirmation for purchases of $100 or more and an additional $7 with purchases under $100.

Please note slight variation may occur based upon your country but in most cases, the item should arrive in 2 days.