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* * Current turnaround (as of 3/30): 2-3 business days for 1st proof ::: Turnaround for revisions: <2 business days M-F ::: Shop Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm CST* ::: Wording can be customized on any invitation. ::: Samples/proofs are not available prior to purchase. ::: PRINT SERVICES COMING SOON!!!

Order on / receive no later than*:
Monday / Wednesday
Tuesday / Thursday
Wednesday / Friday
Thursday / Monday
Friday / Tuesday
Saturday / Tuesday
Sunday / Tuesday

*This assumes that all information needed to process the order is submitted at time of purchase. Delays in sending the information result in delayed turnaround. The turnaround clock does not begin until all customization information is received.

If you have a specific "need by" date/time, and you need your item faster than what is posted above, you will need to purchase the Rush turnaround to guarantee timely email delivery. Please factor in time for possible revisions!

Welcome to Mommies Ink Designs! Please explore the wide variety of customizable "YOU PRINT" designs available for any event. Coordinating pieces are available for all designs. I do not offer banners.

Inquiries are generally answered within 48 hours, but during peak times, it might take longer. Please read through the item description before messaging with questions.

The Shop Policies page contains information that may be helpful to you regarding your order:



*{ MONDAY - FRIDAY } 8am - 5pm CST - I do work around school schedules, so I often work during the day as well as a bit in the evening. It's not uncommon for me to send an order or revision late at night!

Saturday and Sunday are not counted for turnaround purposes - turnaround is the same that it's always been - however I will not be processing orders on the weekend from here on out, as I need to spend time with my family. Questions will be answered at various times during the day/evening. I appreciate your respect and understanding of this important time!



Turnaround time varies depending on current workload. Current turnaround is always updated in shop announcement on shop homepage.

Please read your Etsy Receipt -- instructions and additional information are located there!


All products listed are for digital files.

I do not offer print services or editable templates/PDF's.


Custom coordinates are available to match any design in shop - Thank You Cards, Registry Cards, Wishes for Baby Cards, Mailing Labels, Water Bottle Wraps, Buffet Cards/Food Labels, Cupcake Toppers, Favor Tags, and more. (Please note - I do not offer banners at this time.)

Please check out the Party Extras section for individual listings.


Your printing options include:
~ A Photo Lab (Walmart, Target, Costco, Snapfish, etc.);
~ Your own inkjet printer;
~ Your local print shop or office store;
~ OR, send by email and skip the printing!


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MommiesInk's Shop Policies


Welcome to {Mommies Ink}!

Please check my shop announcement for current turnaround time!

I hope you find something you love and that I can make it unique for you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests that you might have at (

All designs listed in the shop can be customized. Many colors, fonts, and layout can be changed. Please ask ahead of time to make sure your request can be accommodated, and if any additional charge will apply. If you would like a completely different design convo me and we can discuss specifics. If it's something that I am able to do, I will create a reserved listing for you.

I am always adding new items, so if you like my designs, please check back often!



I accept Paypal and all major credit cards (via direct checkout).

Production on your item will begin once payment is confirmed.
I do NOT provide samples/proofs prior to purchase.

I am not able to accept cancellation requests after 4 hours have passed, and not at all if I have already begun working on the order. I am sometimes able to start working on an order immediately after it is placed. Please keep this in mind when ordering!

Please note, if any fees are charged by Paypal/Etsy, this amount will come out of the refund that is issued. If I do cancel an order within the 4 hour timeframe, I will issue the refund for the invite amount, less any Paypal fees charged to me, plus a $5 cancellation fee.


Absolutely no physical printed products will be shipped. All items in the shop are digital, which means you print them yourself!

Digital items are sent via e-mail and convo as a .jpg *OR* PDF file. You can then have them printed as fast as you wish. I can provide recommendations for printing, but we do not send the files for printing for you. That part is up to you!

PDF's can be printed on a home printer or at places like Kinkos, Office Max, Office Depot, or your local printer.

JPG files can be printed as a digital photo at places like Snapfish, Shutterfly, and Walgreens.

Under no circumstances will a blank invite/design or unflattened file be sent. Only flattened .jpg or PDF's. I do not offer templates for sale.

Refunds and Exchanges

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds can be offered once work has begun. I am willing to work with you to make sure you are 100% completely satisfied.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Once you place an order, please read your invoice -- additional information regarding your order, including how to get your order information to me, is listed there!

HOURS -- Please see the front page of my shop for current shop hours. If you need your order filled as a "rush" please purchase the Rush Delivery listing located in the "Party Extras" section of the shop. If you have a specific "need by" date/time, and you need your item faster than what is posted in the announcement, you will need to purchase the Rush turnaround to guarantee timely email delivery.

TURNAROUND TIME: Current turnaround times are always posted on the front page of the shop (shop announcement). I fill all orders as quickly as possible, as I know that sometimes things can get down to the wire. I fill all orders in the same order that they come in, unless the Rush Delivery listing is purchased.

RUSH PROCESSING - Standard rush charge is $10. This moves you to the front of the line, and guarantees email delivery within 24 hours. Rush processing is not available on Saturday or Sunday.

INVITE INFO - Please do not send Word, PDF, scanned, handwritten or jpg documents containing the party/event information. Even if we have been discussing details about the invite, please re-send the specifics at time of purchase.

At this time, I only offer 4x6, 5x7, and 6x7.5 . If a custom size is needed, there will be a minimum $5 charge to reformat the template. (VistaPrint and some Overnight Prints sizing is a custom size, and runs an extra $7.) Please be sure of your invite/card size -- once I start work on the size you have selected, an additional fee of $5 will apply for size changes (this includes adding a bleed). The invite must be completely reworked when a size change is requested. Please check printing prices BEFORE telling me your size. VistaPrint and some Overnight Prints sizing does run an additional $7 as the template must be reformatted. Due to the number of Etsy Conversations and emails received, if you notify me separately of your size preference, I cannot ensure that I will see your request before your invitation is designed for you. I appreciate your understanding. **IF A SIZE IS NOT SPECIFIED, THE DEFAULT SIZE OF 5x7 WILL BE SENT** If a size change is requested after the initial proof is sent, an invoice will be sent for the charge, and the turnaround clock begins once the invoice is paid.

A NOTE REGARDING BLEEDS - Bleeds are only available on invites. If you would like a PDF, I only provide a PDF set up to print 2 to a sheet, with crop marks. If crop marks are needed on a single image PDF, please be aware that this is a service I do not provide. Should a bleed be required for a thank you note, please contact me PRIOR to purchase, and I will provide you with a quote. Bleeds are not available on the additional items (favor tags, cupcake toppers, water bottle wraps, address labels, diaper raffle tickets, wishes for baby cards, etc.).

If a jpg is initially requested, and you end up changing your mind about how you will be printing, and need a PDF with a bleed, there will be a $5 charge for reformatting the invite.

If a PDF is initially requested and you end up needing a jpg file, a $5 charge will apply.


Three rounds of revisions are included with each invitation purchase. A $5 charge will apply PER each additional revision request.

Favor tags, cupcake toppers, water bottle wraps, address labels, table tents, and welcome signs do not include any revision rounds. Please check and double check the wording you send to me. Any errors made by Mommies Ink will be corrected.

Thank you notes with thank you text/phrasing include one round of revisions. Standard thank you notes do not include any revision rounds (i.e., notes that say "Thank You or "Thanks" at the top). If a sample thank you note is displayed within an invitation listing, that is the only way the thank you note is available. If customization of wording or font changes are requested, an additional charge will apply.

Revisions are minor changes/adjustments to things currently on the invite -- not a complete overhaul of the invitation or re-creation of another invite. (i.e., changing the entire color scheme, flip-flopping of colors on the entire invite, changing all of the fonts on the invite, changing the name on the invite to create an invite for another child on the same date, changing the party details to create an invite for another date, etc.) If extreme changes are needed, or you want to see what another invitation would look like, an additional invite will need to be purchased. If you need to switch the photo you sent to another, this will count as one of your revisions. If you'd like to see two sets of wording, this will count against your available revisions.

Turnaround is typically 1-2 business days or less for a revision request. If, after the first revision, you decide something else needs to be changed, or need another size, please allow for the potential of another 1-2 business days for this request to be fulfilled. The turnaround clock starts over for each request. Requests received after normal business hours are counted as being received on the next business day.

Please send revisions as soon as possible after receiving the initial proof. I do not keep files longer than 21 days. If you order far in advance, and end up needing another revision more than 21 days later, another invitation will need to be purchased. I do not have the storage capacity to keep all files active for longer than the stated 21 days. Additionally, once final approval has been given, I do delete the file. If changes are needed after this, another invite will need to be purchased, as I will have to re-create the entire file.

Please review the proof that is sent for text and grammar errors - I cannot be held responsible for any errors after approval of the proof has been made. The information sent for the invite will be input into the card/invite verbatim, unless alternate arrangements have been made.

Revisions to your order will not be made once the original party date has passed.

Please have a sample card of your design printed before having ALL of them printed. Colors vary based on your computer monitor and your photo processor, so printing a sample is strongly encouraged! Most of my cards are customizable, but have only been print-tested in the original colors. If you choose to change colors, you are responsible for print quality in those colors. All of my designs are created in RGB color, not CMYK. Please take that into consideration when using an outside printer, as colors will likely differ from what you see onscreen.

Make sure that the proof that you approve and all items are correct before you print.

If you approve a proof with a spelling error or ANY error, we cannot be held responsible for re-printing costs.


If a **minor** color change is requested after a proof is sent, and it is something that can be accommodated, this will count against one of the available revisions. Please understand, though, that virtually all color changes will require a small additional fee to be paid. If all 3 revisions have been used, there will be an additional charge, per revision request (i.e., if a photo change and text change are needed, these are 2 revisions).

If a comprehensive color change is requested, there will be a small additional charge.

If you request color changes at the time of purchase, that haven't been discussed ahead of time, please be aware that I will notify you of any additional charges that apply, and if you agree to the charge, I will send you an invoice for the design fee. This does slow down the turnaround time, as I have to wait to hear back from you regarding whether or not you agree to the charge. If you do not agree to the charge, I will cancel the order, or send the invite as displayed. If I do cancel the order, I will issue the refund for the invite amount, less any Paypal fees charged to me, plus a $5 cancellation fee.


INVITE/CARD DESIGN -- if additional photos are needed on a design, an additional charge will apply, to cover additional design time. If a card is not shown in both horizontal and vertical formats, it is not available that way unless we discuss it ahead of time, and a design fee is paid.

FONT SELECTION -- I do not have a font list to provide. I am constantly adding new fonts, so it's next to impossible to keep a list up to date with 500+ fonts. The most popular fonts/most requested fonts are shown on sample invites in the shop.

PATTERNS/CUSTOMIZATION - Prices do not include color changes, changes to patterns, or mixing/matching designs from other invitations. These changes do need to be discussed ahead of time, to determine if they are even possible, and if so, a reserved listing will be set up for you. If you place an order, then request changes, I will advise you of the cost of the request, and if you agree, will send an invoice. Otherwise, the invite will be sent as displayed. If a minor color change is requested after a proof is sent (change of frame color, change text color), and it is something that can be accommodated, this will count against one of the available revisions. If all 3 revisions have been used, there will be an additional charge, PER revision requested.

REVERSE SIDE -- Prices do not include a back or reverse side. If you need this done, please convo me for a quote, as an additional charge will apply. If you only need a simple pattern, there is a listing in the "Party Extras" section of the shop..

MULTIPLE PARTY DATES -- An additional $5.00 charge (per date) will apply if you need to use the same invite for multiple party dates (for the same person/event - the only info that changes is the date/time and location). Additionally, if you email me after the date of the event and advise that the date has changed and you need a date revision, you will need to repurchase the design (I only keep files for 21 days). If multiple versions of the invite are needed, but with different photos, an additional charge of $7.50 per card will apply.

TELEPHONE INQUIRIES -- As a one-woman shop, I am not available for questions/concerns via telephone. Please send an email or convo me here on Etsy. Keeping everything in writing helps me stay organized, and provides a reference point for what has been agreed upon.

BIRTHDAY CHALKBOARD SIGNS -- These signs are offered in 2 sizes only: 8x10 and 16x20. An 8x10 can be printed as a photo (jpg) or on cardstock(PDF). The 16x10 is only available as a jpg, and must be printed as a photo. When printing these signs as photos, it's helpful to mount them on something heavier (foam board, available at most craft stores), or to insert them into a frame. Frames shouldn't have glass if you plan on photographing them. In all cases, you should try to print the sign on matte or lustre finish paper to eliminate glare. Three rounds of revisions are included on these signs. Please keep this in mind when sending multiple emails - each email request will count as a revision round. Please try to send all pertinent info to me in a single email.

PHOTOS -- Please only send the SINGLE photo that you would like used in the invite. If you can't decide which photo to use and need to see multiple photos in the invite, there will be an additional $5 charge for design time (up to 3 variations). If you decide that you don't like that photo and need to see another, this will count against your 3 available revisions (if a photo change is sent along with a text revision, this will be 2 revisions -- photo changes each count as an independent revision). Only one photo change is available, if more are needed, the $5 charge will apply. If there are questions about the quality of the photo, please feel free to ask. If, after receiving your photo, I determine that it will be blurry, not fit, etc., I will let you know and ask you to send another. If you would like to see the photo in color and in black & white, this will count as one of your revisions. After finalizing the invite, requests for photo changes will incur an additional charge. If a vertical card/invite is purchased and a subsequent request requires that the orientation of the card be changed, another card listing must be purchased. (and vice versa)

Please don't send me links to "albums" saved at places like Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc. Please send the actual photo to me as an attachment to an email.

PHOTO EDITING - I only offer limited photo editing: changing a photo to black and white or sepia tone; or removing redeye. Not included in purchase price of invite: removing people from background, changing background colors, removing items from photos, etc.

ADDRESS LABELS - Address label listings include an emailed address label design, size 2.625 x 1 (or custom size). No printed materials will be shipped. The listing is for a single address label (not multiple labels set up in a pdf). Basic knowledge of a word processing program is necessary to print labels.

WATER BOTTLE WRAPS -- If you purchase the wraps, I send you a pdf with the water bottle wraps laid out, ready to print. However, if you have purchased precut labels, I will only send you a single jpg that you can then insert into the template for the labels. I do not set up and lay out the wraps if you are working with precut labels. If a size is not requested, the default size is 8.5x2.

BUFFET LABELS/FOOD TENTS -- These items will always be sent blank; personalization is not included, but can be done for an additional fee.

FAVOR TAGS / CUPCAKE TOPPERS -- All favor tags and cupcake toppers are formatted the same - the circle is a bit smaller than 2" to allow for a border when using a 2" punch. The size is not adjustable, and I don't offer any other sizes. Favor tags in a party package or the individual listing, only include one design. Cupcake toppers include 2-4 designs.

FAVOR TAGS -- Most favor tags can be customized with personalized text. If no text preference is sent with the order, the favor tag will read "Thank You".

THANK YOU NOTES - Folded thank you notes DO NOT include text on the interior. You only will be receiving the exterior (front and back). Folded notes are only available in a 3.5 x 5 size. Once a format (flat or folded) is selected and sent, size and format requests do require an additional fee to be paid: $5 for size change, $9 for format change (i.e., flat to folded or folded to flat).

PACKAGES - Turnaround time stated on the front page of shop is for the invite portion only when a package is purchased. I always prepare and send the invite first, just in case font changes are requested. Once the invite is finalized, the other items are prepared and sent, unless alternate arrangements have been made. When purchasing a party package, all items within the package must be of the same theme - these listings are not "mix and match". If a sample thank you note is not displayed within the invite listing/theme you are interested in, please contact me regarding the format that will be sent.


Should you have any trouble printing, please note I do require that you send me a photo of the print at issue, so that I can attempt to help you troubleshoot. As I have test printed all files prior to listing them in the shop, I know with certainty that they print as displayed (or very close to what is displayed, as monitors and printers do vary). Everything is set at 300DPI, the industry standard, and nothing prints grainy or pixelated.

Mommies Ink retains all rights to the designs of this shop. The digital files are for
personal use only. Mommies Ink reserves the right to list any design it creates, and to use any photo submitted. If you would prefer that your photo(s) not be used, please notify me at time of purchase.

I also reserve the right to refuse business or refund charges to customers who are pushy or rude. This happens very rarely, but when it does, it's no fun for anyone. Life is too short to entertain this type of negativity!

Seller Information

Please contact me at MommiesInk @ with any questions.

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