MonaRaeBeads' Shop Announcement

Handmade, artisan lampwork glass beads and unique beaded and wire jewelry.

Why you should buy from MonaRAEbeads:

1. I use materials that are made in the U. S. A. Yes you can buy beads and fashionable jewelry for pennies compared to what I charge. But I know you, and it matters to you who makes the materials that go into the investments you make. You would rather not contribute to the slave and child labor markets of foreign countries that are able to profit from beads that cost one cent. Yes, you feel bad for those workers, but you do not support keeping them in poverty. I also know you would rather contribute to someone who is trying to make a living with their own skills, rather than taking from the social welfare system supported by your hard earned tax dollars. I know you to be an intelligent consumer; you want to know what goes into your purchases, ask questions, and resolve any issues that come up in the future. You know where to find me, my life is an open book, and I’m a teacher, so ask away! And if you ever have problems with my pieces, I will make free repairs whenever possible, and with your approval (you just pay shipping.)

2. I use quality materials that are unique to each piece I make. The Lampwork glass beads are handmade by me. I know you can buy other Lampwork glass beads for less, but I know you want something that lasts and I know my craft well enough to tell you, that not all glass beads are the same. If you dunk a hot casserole dish into cool water, what happens? Shatter!

How quickly and when glass cools (annealing) matters. Some people make their hot beads and let them cool in the room temperature air, or a crock pot; 2400 degrees to 75 happens too fast that way and results in structurally weakened glass. I go from the fire to my digitally controlled kiln; the oven cools very, VERY slowly, overnight, and the crystallization of glass happens at a cooling rate that permits the strongest bonds. Of course, my beads can break, but they are less likely to than someone who “batch anneals” (cool then reheat) or doesn’t anneal at all! How many times have you dropped a necklace, bracelet, or earrings while putting them on or taking them off?

I also love to work with wire and create my own components (when I am able) over buying ready-made supplies. This takes time and talent and physical strength. And I love to work with as many natural materials and stones as possible (it’s the geologist-hippy-mama in me!)

3. I make one piece at a time; I do not mass produce. I create what the components tell me they want to be. I create what the world whispers in the moment. I create for the joy of giving birth to beauty with my hands. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. It is noticeably different from anything else anyone has ever seen in a store. You can be sure your money is well invested in the art you purchase from me. Sure, mass producing takes less time and is often more cost efficient. But I know you, and you don’t want to have your special day ruined by running into someone wearing the same dress or tie any more than you want someone else to be making a statement with your necklace. Anything you buy from me is going to speak to you in a way that is secret, special, and loving; when you wear it people will feel your warmth!

4. I make pieces that can be customized especially for you. You create a relationship with the artist, me! I know you; you are no phony! You are one-of-a-kind, and when you make an investment it should be special and unique in your own way. You might have an original idea or you might like some of the pieces I’ve made. With your collaboration, a totally new piece will be born just for you, exactly as you want it. The experience itself is a gift to you that is worth it, because the result, like you, is worth it!

5. I make wearable art, not just jewelry! You can find a dozen people wearing the same necklace in different colors; the color change doesn’t make it art. You can find a dozen people wearing the same style but with slight variations, but that doesn’t make it art. So many people wear jewelry that is fashionable and stylish in the moment. But I know you, and you are not here for a “moment”; you want to make a lasting impression. There were many great renaissance painters, each one is a treasured artist in their own right. Now, I’m not saying I’m DaVinci, but I am a Mona Rae! So much of my heart goes into each piece that I almost never make the same thing twice. I might try to make the same bead, but the second one will always have its unique difference, and it is rarely used in a duplicate piece. You are unique. You might be subtle, bold, dainty, classy, sophisticated, bouncy, shiny, or bodacious; you will always find a way to express who you are with my art!

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