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We're a Green Business!
Most everything you see here has been "upcycled" or is an antique or vintage piece. It is overwhelming how much "stuff" people throw out or give away, just to be replaced by something "new." These days, "new" usually means that the furniture is not even solid wood, but pressed fiberboard, which is not as sturdy and has no life or history to it. When my parents were growing up, they were taught not to waste things and to treat what they owned with care, as it should last a lifetime. These same values were instilled in me. I love "rescuing" furniture and everything antique or vintage not only for its beauty and history, but also because each piece of history saved is one less piece in the landfill and one more tree left in the forest.


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Refunds and Exchanges

All sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges or store credit. If a piece is described as vintage, please expect minor flaws and imperfections, as this is part of its beauty and history.

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Last Updated September 25, 2012