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Minifee wig BJD clothes MSD clothing SD wig Blythe carrier ABJD Super dollfie Minifee.

Items are PRE-ORDER and take 2-3 weeks production time (unless stated other wise)
Free* item with every purchase!
*possible free items: socks, beanie, tube top, skirt, or underwear.

I hope to have the wait times reduced in the coming weeks.
Thank you all for your support over the last few months... I know the shipping delays have been tiresome and annoying (I feel the same way ha ha)

~ Are these items for Dolls or Humans?
All items in my store MonstroDesigns are for BJD or fashion sized dolls.

~ What is the current wait time for orders to be shipped out?
Most orders will ship within the 2-3 week time frame.
If there is an issue, you will be contacted of the delay.

~ How long after shipment will it take for my order to arrive?
Inside the United States: 1-1.5 weeks maximum
Outside the United States: 2-3 weeks maximum

~ What should I do if my items don’t arrive within the time frame stated above?
Please send me a private message or by email at blinkeke

~ How do I return an item?
Please send me a private message or by email at blinkeke

~I want to add to my Open order!
Please message me with a list of items to be added. A custom listing will be made
with combined shipping costs.

If you have any questions please feel free to private message me anytime
or by email at blinkeke

I will do my best to answer your message within 24 hours, If you do not receive a reply within that time please re-send the message ☺

Here are some awesome places to hand out and chat while you wait for the arrival of your items <3
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Instagram @monstrodesigns
Twitter @monstrodesigns (
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MonstroDesigns' Shop Policies


Hello all and welcome to my little world!
Monstro Designs began in early 2008 when a crazy bobble headed doll appeared in a Google image search.

That big headed girl was known as a Pullip by Jun planning. I knew from that moment I had to have one!

After tracking down a Prunella Pullip online, I searched the market for wigs, clothes, shoes... but there wasn't much.

Most collectors scavanged their Barbies or swap meets for anything to dress their girls in.

I however I needed something no one else had... something no doll companies dared put on their clothing ... Skulls!

The forums were full of requests for dark, punk, alternative clothing for their dolls.

Happily, I wasn't the only one! Please join my little world!

Thanks to all my Supporters and Friends

MonstroDesign's Etsy store has over 20,000 sales in only 7 years!

Feel free to message me any time.
I will try to get back to your messages within 24 hours.


~ Paypal Payments
~ Etsy debit/credit card payments



Please allow 2-3 weeks for production of all items.
Production times vary, If there is a delay in shipment you will be contacted through email.
All items are shipped through United States Postal Service.

United States : USPS First class mail = 4-10 day delivery time & Tracking
USPS Flat rate Priority Mail = 2-5 day delivery time & Tracking

USPS First class international = 1-2 week delivery time
USPS First class package international = 5-10 day delivery time & Tracking

A USPS Customs Form Number will be added to your order for first class packages.
However, this number only works until the package leaves the United States.
If your order does not arrive within 4 weeks of the ship date, please contact me for instructions.

* Please note: Not all USPS locations will scan tracking/custom form numbers. There may be a lapse in between scans.

!!!!!! PLEASE if you are afraid the package will be lost or damaged choose the priority or first class package international option at checkout.
This upgrade will add tracking and quicker shipping times for all customers.
I will also be able to check status on lost/damaged packages !!!!!!!

Refunds and Exchanges

Refunds & Exchanges

Refunds are sent only if an item can NOT be replaced.
Package must be returned for a full refund.
Please contact us about any issues prior to returning the order.

Last Updated April 30, 2015