Kid Baseball Cap, Personalized Bag and Doll Summer Hats

Denim tote bags for boys and girls. The appliques are ironed on and then sewn on. Personalize it with any name.
18" doll baseball caps with matching girls cap. The girls LOVE them!
Match a cap and a back pack. The perfect way to start Preschool or Kindergarten!
Match this back pack with the baseball cap. Great photo for the first day or Preschool and/or Kindergarten!
Always a hit; the Minnie Mouse Inspired back pack comes in red or pink.

I love being part of a creative community

I love the creative aspects available through sewing and I love that I have the talent to create handmade and custom pieces. My interests continue to extend to new avenues and I have now added backpacks and tote bags to go along with the baseball caps in my shop.

I have come a long way from that handmade apron I constructed in my first sewing class.

I clearly remember preparing for that class. The teacher was Mrs Silverstein, I was 12 years old and it was my first year in Junior High School. Mom took me to the fabric store and we bought all the essentials; scissors, tape measure, pins, needles, tracing paper, tracing wheel, no pattern though because the first project was to be a simple half apron.

I have always continued to sew and have come to see myself as a DIY designer, a maker of usable and high quality items.

I live in Bozeman MT which is a smaller town nestled between three ski resorts. Yellowstone National Park is a South bound drive 80 miles down the road from here.

My etsy shop and local farmers markets are the only outlet for my custom made products. Every item in my shop is completely constructed by me. I purchase the fabric, I cut the fabric and I sew the pieces to complete the item. Kind of like the Little Red Hen....hahaha!

I recently opened a second shop here on etsy, CapsAndPacks. This shop is geared up for older teens and women. As the shop title shows, this is a shop that carries Baseball Caps and Back Packs. You can check it out here....

I do hope you will find something in my shop that you just love! I am continuously exploring new ideas that are fun and functional gifts.

Have fun shopping and Thanks for stopping by!
owner, maker, designer
I grew up in Seattle but I have lived in MT for more than 20 years. Living in Montana has allowed me the space I personally need to become the creative person I am today.

The outdoor life rejuvenates my soul and provides me with time to reflect.

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