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END OF SUMMER SALE: Take 15% OFF any order with coupon code SUMMEREND15. Sale excludes reserved items and custom orders.

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✸ NOTE: I'm rebranding my jewelry line! You can still shop here through MOOD until the switch, but please 'favorite' my new Easy shop so that you can keep following me once the change is completed:
This is going to be a slow process, but I hope that you continue to follow me at my new shop. MOOD has endured a lot of confusion over the years because of the name in relation to what I create (people always expect 'mood jewelry', such as mood rings), and I've always wanted my name attached to my work, so i've been working hard planning this rebranding movement for about 6 months, and the time has come to slowly start the switch. I'm very excited to venture down this slightly changed path and to see where it will lead. I hope you decide to join me!

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Mood is a collection of handmade jewelry for every emotion, everyday, everywhere. Mood only uses the finest materials available, such as genuine high-quality gemstones and precious metals such as sterling silver and gold.
Mood jewelry is created with wearability in mind, so you'll never come across anything that is a 'one-time-piece', as the designer, Melanie Golden, produces all pieces with everyday in mind.
Mood always promises high quality products, and I hope you enjoy!

Mood: A Prominent Emotion.

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