MoodLights' Shop Announcement

See your room in a new Light! Hand painted Mood-Lights cast the painted image and colors onto surrounding surfaces! Each is an original one-of-a-kind which projects the its unique painting in Light onto whatever the Light hits.

There are 3 styles so far:
-Light bulbs which are long lasting low energy edison style bulbs with a standard base and heavy duty tungsten filament. They are GUARANTEED FOR 1 YEAR but last an average of 3-5 years with 8-10 hours of daily use and 5-10 years with 2-3 hours per day.

-Solar Luminaries which are Solar Lanterns that I create by RePairing/ReUsing/Refurbishing all the parts that I can from old solar yard lights that people have thrown away, that I find at the dump. These parts are used to illuminate found objects (mostly discarded glassware like flower vases, wine glasses, etc. found at the dump) that I hand paint. When illuminated they create a stained glass effect projecting the colors and patterns onto the surrounding surfaces mostly used as centerpieces on the patio table!

-Solar Path Lights which I buy new and hand paint so that they project rainbows instead of plain boring white light in your yard!

Permanent high temp water based paint is used so that it is totally weather-resistant and colorfast. It will NOT fade, crack, or peel, EVER!