MoonHunterMagick's Shop Announcement

Spring is here, it's time for change! My self-empowerment, self help shop has just what you need to get started. The charms, spell kits, and other magickal supplies here come from my 20+ years of my spiritual path. I offer custom spell kits for various purposes, please just message me.

New from Moon Hunter Magick! Introducing Stone Magick Adornments, my new product line that focuses on using the metaphysical properties of stones to heal and enhance in a most beautiful, discreet way. More coming soon!

Unique, handcrafted jewelry, Spell kits, charms, crystals, and more!! Every piece in my shop is already marked down from retail, enjoy the discounts!!

Every piece is hand made with love, and we only use hand picked, high quality materials. We use genuine, natural stones, and high quality crystal. Once in a while if we find a really cool man made stone, we will use it in a piece of jewelry. The rocks and crystals offered in our shop are high quality, I know my stones, and won't sell an inferior stone.
I believe that every stone has its own unique energy, and take these energies into consideration when building each piece. I also make crystal and stone "amulets" for needs such as protection, prosperity, healing, self-love, etc. Please check each item's description for details.

Moon Hunter Magick is a family operation, consisting of myself (Cynthia), my husband Rapid the Mongoose, and my sister in law Tammi, the Lady Falconheart.

All designs are handmade originals and protected by general copyright.

I don't have a degree in art (actually, I was a science major) I have an instinctive eye for color, and a good mind for engineering. Most have been field tested for durability and engineering flaws, nothing gets sold until it passes the field tests.
Rapid (the Mongoose) and Tammi (Lady Falconheart) also have field tested their work, and have excellent minds for design.

Check back periodically as we're always finding and making new things. Thank you for looking at our creations!

As stated, all our designs are original and are copyright protected. Violators of this copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.