MoonHunterMagick's Shop Announcement

I'm getting started early! Now through Dec 1, use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY to save 25% off any purchase of $10 or more. Brightest blessings, and happy shopping!

*****Please note, I've recently switched to calculated shipping. The weight includes packaging. If you're ordering more than one item, the calculator could be wrong. Please message me for a correct shipping rate. Any excess shipping charges over $1 will be refunded! ******

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Is it time for a change? My self-empowerment, self help shop has just what you need to get started. The charms, spell kits, and other magickal supplies here come from my 24+ years of my spiritual path. I offer custom spell kits for various purposes, please just message me.
Everything in my shop is already marked down from retail, enjoy the discounts!!

Every piece is handmade with love, and I only use hand picked, high quality materials. I use genuine, natural stones, and high quality crystal. I also use only the highest quality herbs, there are no fillers in my incenses or blends. I only get my herbs from two trusted sources that I've been using for over 20 years.
All my herbal mixtures are hand made by me on the appropriate day for planetary energy. I make them in a mortar and pestle, these are not pre-made, pre-mixed, low quality mixes you can get out of a catalog. These are my own formulas stemming from my 24+ years on my spiritual path.
My herbal medicines are also handmade by me in my kitchen. I've been studying herbal medicines for over 20 years, I was apprenticed to a master herbalist starting at the tender age of 17.
My candles are also hand made, painstakingly infused with my own herbal blends on the appropriate phase of the Moon, with the highest quality anointing oils (NOT fragrance oils) added in for an extra kick, before being poured into a reusable holder which I then decorate. Each candle literally takes hours to make.

Once in a while if I find a really cool man made stone, I will use it in a piece of jewelry. The rocks and crystals offered in my shop are high quality, I know my stones, as I am a lifelong collector myself, and won't sell an inferior stone. If a stone has been altered or enhanced to my knowledge, the listing will say so.
I believe that every stone has its own unique energy, and take these energies into consideration when building each piece.

Please check each item's description for details.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.

"Hey Cyn, why do your items say, "Supercharged with kinetic energy?" That doesn't make a whole lot of sense." Actually, it does, even though it started as an old inside joke... All magick is based on the workings of energy and physics. When I make these items, I carefully blend herbs and stones that will accept YOUR energy, amplify it, and direct it unerringly toward the desired goal; it is charged with energy that will work with your own energy to get things moving without interfering with your need. Therefore, these items act as a catalyst. It is the kick that puts your need in motion, and accelerates it toward the goal. It is the work needed to put it into motion. ;)

Moon Hunter Magick is solely owned and operated by myself, Cynthia aka Moon Hunter. I do have big news, I'm teaming up with a few friends to bring you more great products from different spiritual paths, stay tuned for more information!

All designs are handmade originals and protected by general copyright.

I don't have a degree in art (actually, I was a science major) I have an instinctive eye for color, and a good mind for engineering. Most have been field tested for durability and engineering flaws, nothing gets sold until it passes the field tests.

Check back periodically as I'm always finding and making new things. Thank you for looking at my creations!

As stated, all my designs are original and are copyright protected. Violators of this copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.