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Bunnies do multiply even if they're made of yarn

My very first Moon Bun, short for Moon Bunny, was created in December 2006 when I found myself unemployed, homeless, and wanting to still give gifts to friends for the holidays.

Soon after I found myself swimming in little crocheted Bunnies who were also looking for homes.

Luckily, I discovered Etsy. After a few years of working hard and finding a home, I realized I needed to start working for myself to concentrate on making more Moon Buns. (Did I mention they were tiny task masters?)

That's where our story is now. I'm a Bunny Slave and work daily in the Bunny Mines to make people (and little bunnies) smile.
M. Bridges
Owner, Designer, Maker, Curator, Moon Bun Slave
I find myself slaving away to tiny Bunny masters who keep me in a mine, tasked with discovering new little Bunnies.
When they let me rest, I enjoy cups of tea, Playing with my littles, and rubbing puppy bellies.

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