MoonstarCharms' Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting Moonstar Charms - fine jewelry made with genuine gemstones, precious metals and good intentions. All items are created, gift-wrapped, packaged and shipped with the utmost in care and attention to detail. Happy shopping!

Gorgeous and golden, citrine is a stone of success and good fortune, especially in matters of business and finance. It aids in mental and emotional clarity and is considered to be a protection stone. Whether you wear it, meditate with it or just place it "in the shop", this is a great rock to have around.

December is a month with several stones to celebrate birthdays.
Tanzanite is a rare, beautiful, powerful and magical stone of spirituality. It opens the 3rd eye chakra increasing psychic awareness, manifesting and visualizing and is a strong protection stone.
Turquoise is used across the globe for a great number of purposes. Native Americans wore turquoise for protection and safety in travelling. It is considered a master healing stone and aids in communication, meditation and a balanced mind.

I always use gemstones that are as natural as possible, avoiding dyed and reconstituted stones when I can, and I never use fake gems, glass or plastic beads. The metals used in my jewelry are sterling silver, pure silver, gold fill and pure copper. What you're buying will always be clearly stated in the descriptions.

I have a passion for gemstones; for their beauty and for their healing energy. I'm also a detail girl and take as much time as I need to create each piece with loving care and an appropriate amount of perfectionism. I am particular about my "ingredients" because I care very much about what I do and I believe that each piece will, in time, go to the person it's exactly right for.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.