MoonsteamAlchemy's Shop Announcement

** MSA is on hiatus for now. The shop will reopen again later in 2015! **

Delicious, soothing, and whimsical vintage-themed lip balms: Welcome to the home of Little Lip Luxuries for Elegant (yet Decadent) Ladies. Inspired by the fashions and sensibilities of the 18th, 19th, & early 20th centuries along with steampunk ideals & aesthetics--modernity made retro.

Moonsteam Alchemy was closed for the past few years because I got too busy with my main business (graphic & web design) to maintain it. But I'm reopening it here at the end of 2014 because I missed using my balms myself, hahaha! :) So if I'm making them for me, I might as well make them for the shop, too. :)

I'm a full-time graphic & web designer over at & at my various websites, and Moonsteam Alchemy is a fun side hobby. All balms are made by me, at home, when you order them. I hope you enjoy them! :)

Yours in decadence,