Mosaicate's Shop Announcement

Thanks so much for visiting my Etsy shop, and WELCOME!
My name is Cate, and I love creating mosaic artwork ... hence the name "MOSAICATE."

Here's a short list of things I've learned the past 4 or 5 years:

*1. Accidentally inhaling dust clouds while mixing grout is never a good thing.
*2. Imbibing in Margaritas while planning mosaic layouts can produce some "inspirational" designs ... at least until you see them the next morning.
*3. Never let your dog wander around your workshop before all shards of stained glass have been removed. (Otherwise, you will be rationing Cuervo into his water bowl before any attempts to remedy the problem can be attempted).
*4. Some people should not use power tools with blades of any kind. --90% of my work includes manufactured surfaces because I've already exceeded my lifetime quota of "boo-boo strips."

Armed with all this "profound wisdom," I've created some mosaic pieces I hope you'll enjoy.
Both your consideration and interest are much appreciated.

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